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Memorial Day 2016: Lyndon Legion continues tradition of remembrance

American Legion Post No. 125 members, from left, Lou Wohletz, Grant Dalrymple, Patrick Thomas and Danny Roush put up flags in Lyndon Cemetery’s Avenue of Flags.

By Geri Schuler

To most Memorial Day is the start of summer. But it is meant to be a day of remembrance. Originally back at the end of the Civil War it was known as Decoration Day. It was established as a time for the nation to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers, and it was originally celebrated on May 30. Years later, when made a national holiday, it was moved to the last Monday in May.

On this May 30, the original day of celebration and remembrance, American Legion Post No. 125, Lyndon, and other local posts continued the true meaning of Memorial Day.

The post was prepared for bad weather and to be shorthanded this year. Unfortunately, over the last few years the post has lost some of the members who helped start the Avenue of Flags at Lyndon Cemetery. But despite pending deployments, work, and family activities, post members were able to get the cemeteries ready for the families.

The post started planning like normal at the June meeting last year. They had to repair the flag poles at the cemetery, order new tags and gather volunteers.

There were some familiar faces and some new faces starting Saturday morning when gathering the flags at the post. There was a young man who is preparing for his first deployment, but for him there was no doubt in his mind that he was going to help with the flags. He was there bright and early each morning, helping with the flags, and was there for all four ceremonies.

New faces like his are a very welcome sight for the other legionnaires. This helps them know that traditions will be carried on. Memorial Day weekend is one of many things the local American Legion posts are highly involved in to continue their service to their country.

Waking up early every morning this past weekend and taking away time from family is not much of a hassle for these men and women. Most plan their family events around putting up and removing flags Saturday through Monday, and the four ceremonies on Monday. They do the ceremonies no matter the turnout at cemeteries. But with the beautiful weather, there was a nice turnout for all ceremonies and plenty of volunteers.

American Legion Post No. 125 would like to thank all of the families for the donations to Avenue of Flags. For more information on getting a tag and pole at either Vassar or Lyndon cemeteries, contact the Lyndon area post at [email protected]


Danny Roush’s dog Shadow seems to watch with admiration as Lyndon Legion members put up flags at Lyndon Cemetery for Memorial Day.

Photos by Geri Schuler.

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