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Finch files for re-election as 59th District state representative


Blaine Finch

OTTAWA, Kan. – Blaine Finch has announced that he has filed for re-election to the Kansas House 59th District. Finch, a Republican, cited his strong record of standing up to Topeka’s special interests and fighting for the best interests of his home district as his primary reasons for filing.

“The good people of this district have honored me by making me their voice in Topeka. I think there is unfinished business in terms of putting our state back on solid financial footing and taking on the entrenched establishment that has been in power too long.”

Finch has served the district for two terms. He serves on the House Utilities and Telecommunications; Corrections and Juvenile Justice, and Judiciary committees. Finch was instrumental in the massive reform of the state’s juvenile justice system which is estimated to save the state $72 million over the next five years, reduce juvenile crime rates, and lead to better outcomes for Kansas youths.

Finch has also been a leader in pushing for fiscal transparency, authoring, carrying and securing a unanimous vote in the House this year for a bill that would prohibit sweeps of fee funds into the state general fund. He has supported opening the statehouse doors through live streaming of committee meetings, and actively opposed the bundling of bills so the public can clearly see what is being voted on by their representatives.

“I have always tried to vote in ways that would be best for the people of this district. That included standing up against massive sales tax increases and back door income tax increases that covered up bad fiscal policies. I will continue to stand for real revenue reform that balances our desires for flatter and fairer taxation with the need to pay the bill for the essential state services we support; services like public education, a good highway system, and adequate public safety services.”

Finch lives southwest of Ottawa with his family. He is a partner in the firm of Finch, Covington & Boyd.

“As a parent and business owner I understand we have to do what is right for Kansas today and in the future. I have seen too many politicians in Topeka and not enough leaders. As Dwight Eisenhower said, ‘the opportunist thinks of me and today. The statesman thinks of us and tomorrow.’ I stand ready to go back to work fighting for what’s best for our families and our district.”

Finch can be reached at at 785-242-6400 or [email protected].

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