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Show some pride in your community; join Osage City PRIDE

By Nancy Washburn

PRIDE is a state and national organization established to focus, promote and create groups to show pride in their local communities. The Osage City PRIDE group was formed in the early 1980s to help the city be aware of the assets our city has, and encourage people of the community to get involved with projects to show pride in their home town.

Over the years, Osage City PRIDE has focused on upkeep of parks, historical locations and famous figurines. The group can receive funds from the state organization and financial support for annual projects that are judged each year. Most groups hold fund raisers and seek private donations to fund their projects.

Osage City PRIDE’s local projects have included the original lighting along the tops of the downtown business buildings and the placement of park benches that once lined the downtown district.

Osage City PRIDE’s largest and ongoing project is Santa Fe Park. The group was instrumental in building a shelter house with the backing and manpower of the former Kan-Build.

Projects include continuous upkeep of the park’s original gazebo, limestone park sign, and flower beds. Each year, PRIDE purchases plants, and weeds and maintains the beds to beautify the park.

With assistance of the Osage City park department, they also help clean and maintain the bridge and pond, which was donated by the Lindbloom family in memory of their son, Mark, who died at the age of 16 waiting for a heart transplant. The park is the location for many weddings, senior pictures and family gatherings.

Osage City PRIDE is a proud member of the Osage City Chamber of Commerce, which works together in promoting Osage City as an excellent place to live, start a business, raise a family, work and retire.

Osage City PRIDE is always seeking new members to help with future projects. There are no fees or membership dues to join PRIDE. Grow in Osage PRIDE and become a part of a growing community. For more information or to join, call 785-528-3337.

Information thanks to Osage City Chamber of Commerce.

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