Filings in Osage County Courthouse July 4 – July 8, 2016

The following information was compiled from records at the Osage County Courthouse July 4 through July 8, 2016.

Limited Cases

  • Johnni Vosseller v. Carrie Lira and Hannah Hancock. Forcible detainer. Filed 7/5/16. 16LM155
  • Bank of America v. Shawn D. Criqui. Recovery of money. Filed 7/7/16. Amount: $6,965.97, interest, costs and other. 16LM156
  • Leiszler Oil v. Justin Criqui. Recovery of money. Filed 7/8/16. Amount: $1,071.26, interest, costs and other. 16LM157
  • Leiszler Oil v. Carrie Lira. Recovery of money. Filed 7/8/16. Amount: $1,384.97, interest, costs and other. 16LM158

Domestic Cases

  • Ronald Francis Farwell v. Tanya Atchison. Determine paternity. Filed 7/5/16. 16DM136
  • Patricia Ann Robinson v. Ernest Patrick Robinson. Petition for divorce. Filed 7/6/16. 16DM137
  • Kevin V. Rafferty v. Pamela J. Rafferty. Petition for divorce. Filed 7/7/16. 16DM139
  • Lakota Chance Hearn v. Moria Hearn. Petition for divorce. Filed 7/7/16. 16DM140

State Tax Liens

  • State of Kansas v. Michelle Balcacer. State tax lien. $8,716.02. Filed 7/5/16. 16ST45


  • Douglas J. Chase and Nancy R. Chase to Clarence Adkins and Jolene Adkins. Tract SW ¼ 24-16-14.
  • HUD to Select Estate Services LLC. Part of Lot 93 and all Lot 94, Holiday Cove.
  • David L. Coleman and Sharon Kay Coleman to Megan Pena and Christopher Pena. Lot 48, Sail-A-Way Estates South.
  • Etna Marie Wiebler Estate to Matthew C. Chaffee and Amber D. Chaffee. Tract SW ¼ 22-15-15.
  • Michael C. Capra and Tamara J. Capra to Larry Robinson. E ½ Lot 20, Block 34, Burlingame.
  • Steven R. Barger and Lisa K. Barger to John D. Meyer and Heidi V. Meyer. Lots 10-16, Block 7, South Park Addition, Burlingame.
  • John C. Irwin and Bonita R. Irwin to Jonathan Brunkow. Lot 23, Block A, Meadows Subdivision, Overbrook.
  • William L. Ragan and Elnora F. Ragan to Victor R. Carey. Lot 7, Fifth Street, Gray’s Addition, Quenemo.
  • Chad Oswald and Vicky Oswald to Harold B. Cox. Odd Lots 11-15, Boyle Street, Scranton and Tract NW ¼ 3-15-15.
  • Guelda Gourley to Sheila C. Bailey and Michelle C. Schulze. Lots 1-5, Block 7, Mayes 1st Addition, Melvern.
  • Bryan A. Vandervord and Samantha F. Vandervord to Austin J. Koett and Shanda M. Koett. Even Lots 2-6, Block 27, Osage City.
  • Three Lakes Educational Coop to Scott R. Williamson and Candy M. Williamson. Lots 10-18 and W 10’ Lot 9, Block 24, Wetherell’s 2nd Addition, Osage City.
  • Bank of America to HUD. Lots 6 and 7, Block 8, Countryside Heights, Carbondale.
  • John B. Poe Sr. and Betty A. Poe Trusts to Alyx Britton and Cody Nolan. Tract NE ¼ 16-18-17.
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