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ECKAN helps families set goals toward self-sufficiency

Clients of East Central Kansas Economic Opportunity Corporation receiving assistance through the housing choice voucher program are eligible for the Family Self Sufficiency Program. This program encourages and assists participants in making lifestyle goals to become self-sufficient and possibly homeowners.

Participating in the FSS Program enables ECKAN to start an escrow account the participant would be eligible for upon completion of their goals. As a participant in the Family Self-Sufficiency Program the participant may be required to do some or all of the following (depending on the goals that are set:

  • The head of household must actively seek full-time employment by doing one of the following: attending school full time, attending school part time and working part time, receiving job training, working full time at a job that provides training that will enable that person to become self-sufficient within the 5-year contract.
  • The family must be making measurable strides toward reaching their self-defined, short-term goals.
  • The family must remain drug free.
  • The family must not receive welfare assistance during the last year of their contract.
  • All family members of school age must remain in school until they receive a high school diploma.
  • The head of household must meet with the FSS Case Manager on a regular basis. The Housing Authority will begin an escrow account as families increase their earned income. The family will receive the escrow account balance when the contract is fulfilled.

For more information, contact Kenna Burns, ECKAN Osage County human services coordinator, 530 Holliday St., Osage City, or 785-528-5184.

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