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Nobody asked the cow …

All for a good cause.

No one can say Jon Shaffer isn’t a good sport, especially for a good cause. Shaffer, Burlingame’s police chief, was the reluctant winner of a Kiss the Cow Contest during Burlingame’s Rodeo Days. Donations to collection jars placed around Burlingame determined the winner. Other contestants in the contest were Ray Hovestadt and David Prescott, but they were nowhere to be seen when it came time to kiss the cow at 2:30 p.m. May 18, 2013.

Shaffer asked that no photos be taken, which is understandable, but it was an obligatory duty of the holder of the Kiss the Cow title – documentation is required.

All donations collected went to the Osage County EMT Relay for Life team.

In another “manly” contest during Rodeo Days, the two-man saw tournament, half of the winning contestants were women. Winners of the men’s contest were father and son team of John Hill and John Hill, who sawed the log in 46 seconds. The winning women’s team was Teresa Noonan and Bridget Middleton at 56 seconds. Winners of the coed competition were Chris and Teresa Noonan with 49 seconds.

Chris Moon officiated over the contest by holding down logs and using an official timing device.

Two hardy contestants in the two-man saw competition try to get into rhythm, as Chris Moon times their progress.

Two hardy contestants in the two-man saw competition try to get into sawing
rhythm as Chris Moon times their progress.

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