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Cotton-O’Neil to shutter clinic in Lyndon

Stormont Vail blames Kansas’ failure to expand Medicaid

LYNDON, Kan. – After only three years, Stormont Vail Health has abandoned its plan to maintain a clinic in Lyndon, with the company announcing yesterday on its website the upcoming closure of two Cotton-O’Neil clinics, one in Lyndon and another in Alma.

The Lyndon clinic opened in July 2013 with company officials then announcing they were enthusiastic to have the opportunity to provide a caring and experienced provider to the Lyndon community.

Before the clinic’s opening, the clinic building at 715 Washington St. was equipped with an exam room and limited lab services. Funding for remodeling of the building and equipment was made possible through the Lewis Humphreys Charitable Trust. Lewis Humphreys and his wife, Elva, were originally from the Lebo-Arvonia area.

In the Sept. 15, 2016, press release, the company blamed recent Medicaid cuts and the state of Kansas’ refusal to expand Medicaid as reasons for the closure.

Randy Peterson, Stormont Vail Health CEO, said the decision was not made lightly. “However, the current 4 percent Medicaid cuts, which totaled $3 million in reduced reimbursement for Stormont Vail Health, along with the impact of the state’s failure to expand Medicaid makes it difficult to continue to fund these community clinics,” Peterson said.

When the clinic opened in Lyndon in 2013, it was also enthusiastically welcomed to town by city officials and community members, who with Stormont Vail officials worked toward a goal to maintain and grow a clinic to care for Lyndon area residents.

The Lyndon clinic is set to close Dec. 31, 2016, and the Alma clinic will close Jan. 31, 2017. According to the press release, Stormont Vail Health plans to review ways to help maintain access to primary care for Lyndon and Alma patients.

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