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Goldsmith celebrates 90th birthday with friends and family


With friends and family watching, Raymond Goldsmith blows out candles on his cake during his 90th birthday party at Green Acres Restaurant.

Friends from all over Osage County gathered on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016, for a surprise party for Raymond Goldsmith, of Quenemo, Kan., for his 90th birthday.

Goldsmith, like his father and grandfather before him, has spent most of his nine decades farming, with his wife, Ann, at his side for the past 67 years.

Friends were treated to a video about Goldsmith’s life, and then they shared their own stories of touching, funny and profound moments with him.

A niece, Laura DeBruiler, of Augusta, Kan., told of childhood visits to the Goldsmith farm. “I thought he was Evel Knievel!” she said as she told of her uncle taking time from farming to take her on motorcycle rides.  

The crowd that gathered at the Green Acres Restaurant, Vassar, Kan., laughed so hard they cried when nephew Jack Bowen from Fort Worth, Texas, read a written account from Goldsmith’s late brother, Gerald, about how they once tried to do their own slaughtering and butchering of a hog to save a few bucks, a venture that ended in disaster.

Goldsmith thanked those in attendance for their loving memories and for taking time to be with him for his special day.

Information and photo thanks to Jack Bowen.

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