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A Cowboy’s Faith: Ultimate uncle merits homage

buchmanheadTed was one of the most admired people.

It was sad time, yet also encouragement.

Room filled when acquaintances from all walks of life gathered for memorial services.

Trooper Ted lived a full, diverse, happy, colorful 90 years.

Most don’t live that long, too often few come for final rites. Not so for Uncle Ted, who’d been our last surviving uncle.

Fortunately, large, quite-grieved family accumulation from only daughter and son. Every neighbor in the retirement community, two decades there. Plus, generations of Highway Patrol, statehouse, golf course and beyond.

Humbled yet privileged, personal reflection of the great man brought smiles, some tears, individual memories, mostly regret of loss, as all could relate in their own way.

Straight tall, athletically handsome, precisely dressed with genuine congenial smile for all to the very end.

Ted and Freda, his beautiful bride of six decades, were one in nearly every remembrance. Her passing two years earlier most difficult.

Mom was Freda’s older sister. Ted’s mom, our “Grandma Grace”, considered as for many caring attributes.

Time required for Ted and Freda Fisher to find their niche. Ted car salesman, milk truck driver; Freda teacher, bus driver; in partnership with our parents as grocers; farm family; then back into town.

Biggest disappointment for the Fisher family. Ted defeated in campaign for county sheriff.

Best thing ever happened. Ted then became a Highway Patrolman. Brightest future was set.

Service profession took the family to several locales. Unknowing life’s pursuit, Freda became an ardent beautician, key to family forward.

Forever ambitious, no dust settling, Trooper Ted became a pilot, for career advancement.

Children grown with families, Ted and Freda moved to the capital city. Trooper Ted serving and protecting from the ground and air. Beautician Freda owning shops, managing full staff and hair-doing, too.

Maturity mandated Trooper Ted retirement, only to find demand two decades as Statehouse Sargent at Arms. Perks including governor’s chauffeur, close-knit political affiliates, emergency service.

Keeping Freda’s shop operating and golf course stretches allowed little idle time. Yet, upon Freda’s coaxing, they traveled the world.

Knowledgeable foresight, Ted and Freda downsized to the senior district, becoming longest and most appreciated residents, ultimate last uncle and aunt. Trooper Honor Guard flag tribute made inspirational climax.

Reminds us of First Chronicles 27:32: “The uncle was a man of understanding, wisdom, mentor, guide.”

030615-franksmug2Frank J. Buchman is a lifelong rancher from Alta Vista, a lifetime newspaper writer, syndicated national ag writer and a radio marketing consultant. He writes a weekly column to share A Cowboy’s Faith.

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