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Shawnee man sentenced to probation for Lyndon shooting spree

LYNDON, Kan. – A Shawnee man accused of shooting at three businesses at Lyndon was sentenced to 12 months of probation with an underlying eight-month prison sentence Monday, Oct. 31, 2016, after entering pleas Oct. 3 to two of nine charges filed against him in May.

Randy Moore, 66, Shawnee, was arrested April 29, 2016, in connection with attempted burglaries that happened April 24 and April 27 at Sports Mart, 24131 S. US 75 Highway, Lyndon. In both incidents, officers responded to a business alarm at that location and discovered damage to exterior glass. During the investigation it was learned two other Lyndon businesses, Bailey and Sons, 929 Topeka Ave., and Harrison Shooter Supply, 405 Topeka Ave., also had damage cause by gunfire around the same time.

On May 2, Moore was charged in Osage County District Court with felony criminal damage, three counts of misdemeanor criminal discharge of a firearm, three counts of criminal damage to property, felony attempted non-residential burglary, and felony criminal threat.

The charges accused Moore of the shootings that happened April 24, including windshields of a Suburban and two RVs at Bailey and Sons and a window at Sports Mart. He was also accused of shooting the front door of Harrison Shooter Supply, and attempting to break into Sports Mart on April 27, and threatening Sports Mart’s owner, C.D. Olsen.

Moore was scheduled for arraignment on the charges on Oct. 3, when his attorney, Jacqueline Reid Peterson, announced a plea agreement had been reached with Osage County Attorney Brandon Jones. Moore entered no contest pleas to one count of felony criminal damage to property for shooting three windshields in vehicles at Bailey and Sons, and a misdemeanor count of criminal discharge of a firearm.

According to investigation reports filed by Osage County investigators Jeff Bunker and Bryan Johnson, the damage at the used car lot was caused by a BB gun, but damage at Sports Mart and Harrison Shooter Supply were caused by shots from a .380 caliber firearm. The investigators listed estimated damage to the windshields as $3,700.

According to the arrest affidavit filed in the case, Moore eventually confessed to the shootings and criminal damage to property at Lyndon during three interviews with Osage County investigators. Moore was held in the Osage County Jail for more than a month before posting a $100,000 bond.

The affidavit also said that Moore admitted involvement or knowledge of a several day spree of incidents at Lyndon, Gardner, Lebo, Olathe and Wellsville during the same time. Moore said he knew each of the businesses or owners where the crimes occurred and wanted to send a message to them.

The report said Moore implicated another person in some of the crimes, and also told about possible plan to rob a man at Lebo that kept money wrapped with fish in a freezer. Moore also told investigators that he does contract work for the office of the President and he has the highest level of anybody in the nation. He claimed that officers were not safe in the room with him.

Moore also admitted using emergency lights while driving his 2016 Camaro to pull over drivers on the interstate. One instance he related was pulling over a couple that asked to see his identification. After he told them he had a gun in his car, the driver quickly drove away, he said. The Osage County Sheriff’s Office later impounded the Camaro and recovered guns from it as evidence. Investigators also served a search warrant at Moore’s heating and air conditioning business in Shawnee, where guns were also recovered.

During the sentencing hearing, Osage County District Judge Phillip Fromme told Moore it appeared his crimes were “likely the result of you not taking your medicine.” At the Oct. 3 arraignment, Moore’s attorney told the court that Moore was under the care of a Johnson County mental health facility.

As part of sentencing, Fromme ordered Moore to continue mental health counseling and medication management. The judge also ordered Moore to pay restitution to the Osage County victims, totaling $9,098.41 for damaged items including the electric meter, telephone line and door glass at Sports Mart, windshields at Bailey’s, and a door frame at Harrison Shooter Supply. Restitution also included several guns to be returned to Olsen.

After his arrest, Moore spent more than a month in the Osage County Jail before his bond was reduced to $100,000. When he bonded out, the court required him to wear a GPS tracking device.

At sentencing Fromme also ordered Moore to one year of post-release supervision following one year of probation. For the misdemeanor conviction, the judge sentenced Moore to 30 days probation, to run concurrent with the other sentence. Moore was also ordered to pay court fees and costs. All other charges against him were dismissed.

Moore apologized to the court for the crimes. “I’m sorry for everything that I did,” Moore said.

The judge encouraged Moore to keep his medication under control. “Hopefully we won’t see you back in here again,” Fromme said.

Moore also faced charges in Franklin County and Coffey County in connection with incidents that occurred in those counties.

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