Democrats announce bills will benefit working Kansans

TOPEKA – Kansas Senate Democratic Leader Anthony Hensley and House Democratic Leader Jim Ward were joined by members of the House and Senate Democratic caucuses today to roll out more than a dozen bills that directly benefit Kansas workers.

“Democrats are working to strengthen the Kansas workforce, to protect the rights of Kansas workers, and to ensure they have a safe work environment,” Ward said.

Members of both caucuses are introducing bills this session that make Kansas workers a priority.

“In 2016, Kansas lost 9,400 private sector jobs,” Hensley said. “Kansas workers are paying more in taxes and their wages lag behind the rest of the nation. We have to do better.”

Democratic proposals include keeping Kansas jobs from being exported, re-instating the prevailing wage, stopping unscrupulous hiring practices, and improving worker’s compensation, among others.

“These bills will empower the middle class and improve the lives of the working men and women of Kansas, with absolutely no cost to the state. It’s a win-win situation,” said Ward.

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