Filings in Osage County Courthouse Feb. 27 – March 3, 2017

The following information was compiled from records at the Osage County Courthouse Feb. 27, 2017, through March 3, 2017.

Domestic Cases

  • Terri Osborn v. Terry Osborn. Petition for divorce. Filed 2/27/17. 17DM035
  • Christopher Livingston v. Emily J. White. Determine paternity. Filed 2/27/17. 17DM036

Probate Cases

  • Caroline Elizabeth Nygard. Guardian and conservatorship. Filed 2/28/17. 17PR006
  • Luke Richard Nygard. Guardian and conservatorship. Filed 2/28/17. 17PR007
  • Robert D. Kopp. Probate will. Filed 3/1/17. 17PR008

Limited Cases

  • Portfolio Recovery v. Jeanne Riggs. Recovery of money. Filed 3/1/17. Amount: $1,274.93, interest, costs and other. 17LM039
  • Kansas Foot Care Associates v. Daniel T. Sheckells. Recovery of money. Filed 3/1/17. Amount: $281.30, interest, costs and other. 17LM040
  • Capital One Bank v. Audrey K. Stalder. Recovery of money. Filed 3/3/17. Amount: $1,237.09, interest, costs and other. 17LM041

Civil Cases

  • Lee Barnett v. Peterson Health Care. Recovery of money. Filed 2/28/17. Amount in excess of $75,000. 17CV013

State Tax Liens

  • State of Kansas v. Vanessa E. Burkdoll. State tax lien. $4,056.54. Filed 2/28/17. 17ST012


  • Secretary of HUD to Dustin Warner and Jeffrey A. Warner. Tract SE 1/4 6-16-14.
  • Justin R. Lee and Allison S. Lee to Jacie Brewer. Part of Lots 3 and 4, Block C, Meadows Subdivision, Overbrook.
  • Dear Farm LLC to Thornhill Farms LLC. Tract SW fr 1/4 7-17-15.
  • James H. Smith and Jane A. Smith Trust to Bryon D. Punches. Lots 2 and 4, Blk 3, Admire and Scott’s Addition, Osage City.
  • Osage County Sheriff to FNMA. E 1/2 N 1/2 Blk 43, Osage Carbon Company’s 2nd Addition, Osage City.
  • Bradley R. Johnston and Raychel R. Johnston to Michael Wessel and Stephanie Wessel. Lot 2, Pleasant Ridge Subdivision.
  • Gilbert E. Gonsalez Jr. and Tommie Gonsalez to Benjamin Andrew Stark. Even Lots 2-10, Block 25, Original Osage City.
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