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Filings in Osage County Courthouse May 27 – May 31

The following information was collected from records at the Osage County Courthouse May 27, 2013, through May 31, 2013.

Domestic Cases

Cindy Jane Harris v. Kenneth Randell Harris. Petition for divorce. Filed 5/20/13. 13DM86

Limited Cases

Cotton O’Neil Clinic v. Charles Wilson and Samantha J. Wilson. Recovery of money. Filed 5/31/13. Amount: $462.27, interest, costs and other. 13LM154

Probate Cases

Jerry D. Anderson. Determination of descent. Filed 5/28/13. 13PR23

Larry Alan Haney. Determination of descent. Filed 5/31/13. 13PR25

Small Claims Cases

13SC12 Cassandra McCall and Michael Holdren v. Johnni Vosseller. Recovery of money. Filed 5/28/13. Amount: $400, interest, costs and other.


Carlos J. Elder and Cheryl A. Elder to Victor Gruebler and Erica Gruebler. Tract NE ¼ 9-15-17.

Darrell Simpson to Cynthia L. Booth. Lot 4, McCormick Subdivision A, Carbondale.

Gayle E. Warren and Emma J. Warren to Kyle S. Kunard and Cheryl Lynn Wright-Kunard. Tract NE ¼ 18-15-17.

Michael C. Capra and Tamara Capra to Nancy J. Washburn and Robert E. Washburn. Lots 5 and 7, Block 18, Wetherell’s Addition, Osage City.

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