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Lyndon Leaders sample food from around the world

Lyndon Leaders 4-H Club members prepare to enjoy an international smorgasbord at their March meeting.

By Leanne Shoup, Club Reporter

The Lyndon Leaders 4-H Club had their monthly meeting on March 12, 2017. Prior to the meeting they cleaned up the landscaping in front of the school and helped plant a few new plants. Following this community service, they proceeded to their meeting.

Announcements included the upcoming fair dates and congratulations to those who participated in 4-H Club Days. Participants included Ethan and Allie Kneisler and Leanne Shoup, who all received blues on their talks. Next, was the program by Tara Green and Breckyn Whitton.  Tara gave a foods demonstration, and Breckyn gave an informative talk on wolves.

After the program, each 4-H family presented a food that they made from somewhere around the world. They shared how they made the dish and why they chose to bring it. Upon hearing about and seeing their foods, the meeting concluded with allowing everyone to sample each of the dishes. It was a lot of fun and very tasty!

Photo by Leanne Shoup.

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