Filings in Osage County Courthouse April 24 – April 28, 2017

The following information was compiled from records at the Osage County Courthouse April 24 through April 28, 2017.

Limited Cases

  • Cynthia Wymore v. Chris McKenzie and Dina McKenzie. Recovery of money. Filed 4/25/17. Amount: $2,587.50, interest, costs and other. 17LM069
  • Midland Funding v. Branden Ball. Recovery of money. Filed 4/26/17. Amount: $772.61, interest, costs and other. 17LM070

State Tax Liens

  • State of Kansas v. Jenna D. Wiley. State tax lien, sales tax. $8,024.06. Filed 4/28/17. 17ST024

Probate Cases

  • Elizabeth Denny. Determination of descent. Filed 4/26/17. 17PR19

Civil Cases

  • U.S. Bank v. Buffy Croucher and Kenneth Croucher. Mortgage foreclosure. Filed 4/26/17. Amount: $54,445.25, interest, costs and other. 17CV018

Domestic Cases

  • Kube Feuerborn v. Mark Feuerborn. Petition for divorce. Filed 4/24/17. 17DM84
  • Kansas Department for Children and Families v. Patricia L. Gregory. Petition for support. Filed 4/25/17. 17DM86
  • Kansas Department for Children and Families v. Daniel W. Waetzig and Abe Gaerther. Determine paternity. Filed 4/25/17. 17DM87
  • Kansas Department for Children and Families v. Joshua W. Fine. Petition for support. Filed 4/28/17. 17DM88


  • Ray Ramshaw and Elizabeth Ramshaw to Nolan Thompson and Jessica L. Thompson. Lot 4, N 1/2 Lot 5 and S 1/2 alley, Block 34, Original Lyndon.
  • Ivan D. Denniston and Mary M. Denniston v. Chance P.B. Fouts and Jini M. Fouts. Tract NW 1/4 28-16-16.
  • Osage County Sheriff to The Bank of New York Mellon. Lots 16, 17 and W 1/2 Lot 18, Block 3, Mayes Addition, Melvern.
  • Jennifer L. Collins to Dallas DeWitt and Jamie DeWitt. Lot 2, Block C, Tucker Subdivision “E”.
  • Ellsworth F. Good to Michelle Burgoon and Dwayne Burgoon. Tract NE 1/4 18-14-16.
  • Osage County Sheriff to Bank of America. Tract NE 1/4 13-17-14.
  • Eugene D. Nichols to Darran L. Wheeler and Kathryn M. Wheeler. Tract SE 1/4 9-17-17.
  • Allen Foster and Lisa K. Foster to David S. Schild and Donna R. Schild. Lots 10-23, Block 10, South Park Addition, Burlingame.
  • Everet L. Seastrom Jr. and Virginia Marie Seastrom to Joseph G. Vincent Jr. and Theresa A. Vincent. Tract NW 1/4 25-16-14.
  • Matthew D. Lyda and Allison Lyda to Anthony L. DaPrato. Lot 2, Block C, Melody Park No. 1, Carbondale.
  • Erica L. Anderson and Zebulon R. Anderson to Tyler R. Estes. Tract SW 1/4 10-15-15.
  • Gary E. Masters to Austin R. Masters. Tract SE 1/4 12-15-13.
  • Bobby E. Thornburgh Estate to Earl D. Parker. Tract Lots 5 and 6, Block 34, Burlingame.
  • Christopher R. Cole and Erin L. Cole to Mark Miller and Sandra Miller. S 1/2 Block 28 and all Block 51, West Lyndon.
  • Marianne Goffe and Barry Goffe to Michelle L. Coleman and David Coleman. Tract NE 1/4 14-14-16.
  • Bradley H. Hubin and Danielle Dawn Hubin to Kevin G. Reece and Lisa A. Reece. Tract NE 1/4 31-16-17.
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