Outdoors: Fishing reports for Melvern Lake, Osage County Fishing Lake, Pomona Lake

The following fishing reports for Osage County lakes were provided by Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

MELVERN RESERVOIR – Last updated: 6/6/2013

Species Rating Size Baits, Method, & Location
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Crappie Good 0.33-1.5 lbs On jigs and minnows around brushpiles.
Walleye Fair-Good 1-4 lbs Using jig and nightcrawler off the flats. Received good reports from Turkey Point area.
Channel catfish Fair-Good 1-6 lbs Using worms in flowing water. Otherwise, shad on windy side of lake.
Smallmouth bass Fair-Good 0.5-2.5 lbs Using jigs and small crankbaits off rocky banks.
Boat ramp conditions All ramps in Corps Parks and State Park have sufficient depth for launching.
General Comments
Lake level was 2.19 feet below normal, release=20 cfs, and temperature=70 degrees F on June 6. Melvern Reservoir has Zebra Mussels, Remember to clean, drain, and dry your boat and fishing equipment when leaving the lake to keep from spreading them to other lakes.


POMONA RESERVOIR – Last Updated: 6/4/2013

Species Rating Size Baits, Method, & Location
Channel catfish Good 2 – 7 pounds Use worms or dip baits and crappie entrails or cut shad, stink/prepared baits, The fish feeders are ON. Lakewide or stilling basin.
Walleye Slow varies The walleye population is improving, try off windy points, crank baits or jigs tipped with nightcrawler.
White bass, Wipers Good varies Lakewide and the windy side of the points, minnows or shad colored lures, off the COE swim beach.
Crappie SLOW most were 9 – 14 inches Lakewide, marina docks, over brushpiles, black and pink tube jigs, minnows.about 6 ft., most fish are over 10 inches, fish are slowly moving in.
General Comments
When large releases of water occur at the stilling basin then fishing there can be better. Overall the fishing has really improved in the last couple of weeks and it is expected to continue to improve and the water warms. Have fun, get the kids, get your friends and go fishing. Remember to “CLEAN, DRAIN AND DRY” your boats and equipment. Sign up for the Mound City Fishing District Newsletter today! If you can locate the schooled crappie at this time it can be very rewarding. Rangers have constructed some spawning fish habitat which should improve spring fishing success. These areas are located near North Shore Marina and the Rock Quarry and near Adams Grove and Wolf Creek Park. KDWPT’s “Kansas Crappie Bonanza” is a 25-minute video that covers Kansas crappie fishing during spring, summer, fall, and winter with tips and tactics to make you a better crappie angler. Visit the KDWPT home page, click on the Kansas Crappie Bonanza link to view the video.


OSAGE STATE FISHING LAKE – Last Updated: 6/6/2013

Species Rating Size Baits, Method, & Location
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Channel catfish Fair 1-5 lbs Using shad sides, nightcrawlers, minnows and sunfish. Feeders started running May 7, so these should be good places to try.
Crappie Fair 0.4-1 lbs Using jigs and minnows in 4-10 feet of water.
Bluegill Fair-Good Up to 0.33 lb Using small spinners, jigs, and worms.
Largemouth bass Fair-Good 0.5-2.5 lbs Using jigs and crankbaits.

Fishing reports thanks to Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism. 

Local fishermen are invited to comment below to update fishing conditions or other current lake information.

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