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Municipalities league recognizes Overbrook city officials for training accomplishments

The League of Kansas Municipalities recognized several Overbrook city officials and others across the state that have completed necessary course work requirements to graduate from levels of the Municipal Training Institute. Recognized as a Level 1 graduate was Overbrook City Clerk Jim Koger; recognized as Level 2 graduates were Overbrook city council members Joanne Allen and Carol Baughman.

Recognition took place at this year’s Leadership Summit and Mayors Conference, held April 21-22, 2017, in Dodge City.

The Municipal Training Institute is a continuing education program designed for and open to elected and appointed city officials. The program offers courses in cities across the state. The purpose of the Institute is to provide an interactive curriculum of specialized instruction that will develop the knowledge and enhance the leadership abilities of those who serve the cities of Kansas.

There are three levels of achievement in the institute: Level 1 is the education level and focuses on attendance at various training events offered by the league and others; Level 2 is the achievement level and focuses on continuing education as well as participation in various government-related activities. Level 3 is the leadership level and is devoted to leadership activities and leadership positions held in various organizations. Graduates from levels 1 and 2 were recognized this year.

Information thanks to League of Kansas Municipalities.

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