Osage County Places: Quenemo railroad bridge stands test of time

Strength and longevity are exemplified by this BNSF truss bridge. Beautifully tucked away just east of Quenemo, this one erected in 1905 (updated in 1945) still serves its purpose: getting trains across the Marias des Cygnes River.

Photo by Paul Schmidt.

4 Responses to Osage County Places: Quenemo railroad bridge stands test of time

  1. Kandace Williams Wheeler says:

    I love the train bridge, grew up down the road from it. Lots of memories from it & about it.

  2. Stevena says:

    This Is the bridge that I lost my best friend on, this month last year on the 18th, seeing as how over takin by weeds and plants the bridge is, there should be more safety precautions so no one else loses their life on this bridge. His mother, father, siblings, and friend have to live everyday without him in our lives because of the bridges reputation. So, if you could write an article about the dangers of railroad bridges that would be better than just talking about how old it is.

  3. Angelica says:

    To bad it’s such an openly known party/hangout place to so many kids. It’s coming up on a year ago that the life of my 18 year old son was lost on this very bridge, how about a story about what is or could be done to keep it from happening again? I ask this in hopes that no other parents/families have to feel the pain, loss, and constant nightmares that myself, Austin’s father and other family now cope with DAILY.

  4. Wendi B. says:

    Love this! <3

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