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Rustic riot? Pasture pandemonium? Field frenzy? Nope, it’s Cross Country Chaos!

Has springtime seemed a little busy this year? Well, tighten up your suspenders and pull on your muck boots, because it’s about to get plumb chaotic in Osage County on Saturday.

That’s right, total chaos is about to break out again in the countryside southwest of Osage City, Kan., on Saturday, June 10, 2017, as racers, runners, and mud lovers set out on 5k trek through a Kansas pasture to challenge their willpower, drive and physical fitness – and have the time of their lives.

Race time kicks off sometime after registration at 8 a.m., when the pasture trail becomes filled with waves of wet, muddy people climbing walls, scrambling over hay havoc, wallowing in mud mayhem, swimming in lily pads, beam balancing, knotted in a cargo net, and sliding down slimy creek banks. It’s a race if you want it to be, but for most participants it’s an obstacle course of fun and mud that can’t be found in a city.

chaos_250x180_2017In its fifth year, Cross Country Chaos ensues on about a quarter section on the Perry Thompson farm. Thompson, president of the Osage County Community Foundation, said the idea for an obstacle race came together as the foundation searched for funding methods.  Obstacle course races have become popular among those who appreciate these types of disorganized sports, also known as mud runs.

Past races have raised funds for the community foundation in addition to raising awareness of the foundation, which serves the countywide community with a mission to “provide a method of giving that represents the ideas and the interest of people who want to increase the impact of their philanthropy.”

Thompson said all skill levels are invited to compete. Although a timed event, he said the race is about accomplishments and also giving to local charities, the mission of the Osage County Community Foundation. He invites local businesses or clubs to enter as teams in the competition.

The course consists of running or walking or climbing or crawling or swimming through numerous obstacles. Tire and tree tangles, mud trenches, high hurdles, balance beam/gangplank, hay bale walls, lily pad bog slog, giant cargo net climb, slippery creek banks, slimy pond dam climb, farm pond swim with crawdads, ending with a delightfully sloppy finish-line barbed-wire-topped mud pit all challenge the intrepid pasture splasher.

A wash station awaits all competitors, along with a cold drink, replenishments, and congratulations for the day’s tests of their abilities and wherewithal.

Thompson noted that everyone is welcome at Chaos, which follows up with a barnyard party to celebrate the success of the day’s competitors. Family and friends of mud runners and interested spectators are welcome to socialize in the headquarters area.

“We want everyone to come buy lunch, buy a drink, or buy a raffle ticket,” Thompson said. “Everything adds up to help the foundation down the road.”

Raffle prize drawings, with everyone invited to purchase tickets, offer a number of prizes given by local merchants.

The first wave of racers will head out into the pasture pandemonium early Saturday, with registration beginning at 8 a.m. For more information, see or contact Thompson at 785-528-3006.

Cross Country Chaos is located at 26667 S. Docking Road, Osage City, or approximately 2 3/4 miles south of the intersection of Market Street and K-170 in Osage City, then three miles west on 261st Street.

For more information about the Osage County Community Foundation, see: County foundation opens new grant round, encourages local organizations to apply.

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