Finch: Put the future of our state back in the hands of the people of Kansas

By State Rep. Blaine Finch, District 59, Franklin and Osage Counties

[Last night] the Kansas House took up the override of the governor’s veto of SB 30. I voted yes on that override not because I was convinced of the merits of that bill. I was not. It had many provisions with which I disagreed greatly. However, the process of governing is one that must by its very design, be based on negotiation and compromise. In the waning days of the session it became clear that while the legislature might engage in good faith negotiation, the state’s governor would not. There was no plan he would sign and therefore a plan must be adopted around the governor by securing 27 votes in the senate and 84 votes in the house. That plan would, by necessity of the make-up of the legislature go farther than I preferred. It would raise more money than I believe necessary. The plan I thought best was simply no longer viable.

When a majority of both houses spoke this week and passed SB 30 the governor moved promptly to veto it. The same day of the veto, the state announced furloughs for state employees would begin soon and Kansans would see a shutdown of its ability to provide citizens the services they need, public safety, protection of children and the elderly, the education of students and many others.

Failure to override this veto would lead to an ever longer session with no hope of passing a more moderate and modest solution. The governor would not sign such a plan and it could not overcome a veto. With no choice to obtain what I thought better, I had to govern, and therefore I voted to sustain a majority of the people’s elected representatives and senators and to override the governor.

After repeated attempts to negotiate in good faith on a more balanced plan, it became clear that we had to put the future of our state back in the hands of the people of Kansas.

I will continue to work diligently to ensure we make government function as efficiently as possible and keep taxes as low as possible so the burden on all of us is not greater than needed to provide the essential services our state needs. I thank you for the confidence and trust you place in me to be at your service in our statehouse.

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