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A Cowboy’s Faith: Good or bad, it’ll change

buchmanhead“Everything averages out in the end.”

When things are going bad, and nothing can get any worse, it can. Yet, conditions almost always improve, or, at least, there’s light in the distant future.

Likewise, when everything is going great guns, and one sees only optimism ahead, sure enough that balloon is going to burst.

There is a “calm before the storm,” meaning when an outlaw horse stops to take his breath, and one gets a false feeling of relaxation, that’s when the steed cuts loose with greater power than ever.

“The higher one is on the mountain, the greater the fall,” defined as those who are mediocre and secure in their endeavors, are most often the ones who end up with more when it’s all said and done.

Life proves these viewpoints true time and again, no matter what one does. Our simple example came at the weekend horse shows where they’ve set up a division for old cowboys and cowgirls, so we don’t have to compete against the younger set, but yet can hear our name read over the loudspeaker.

In four shows, all had gone well considering the maturity and condition we’re in, then “hell just about broke loose,” our “beginner’s luck,” or “season kickoff success,” whatever, went downhill.

Even though our judged rides, in our prejudice opinion, were “the best” so far, the one pinning the prizes didn’t see it that, leaving us out of the standings.

Our main horse was geared up and did more than his part corresponding to every request. We didn’t do our duty.

Often before it’s happened, “the horse is better than the rider,” and this is our true excuse. Whatever we asked, our horse gave, but too often, we were too slow, too clumsy and uncoordinated to keep up with what could have been accomplished.

But, we’ve had it happen before, and our belief and optimism are that eventually we’ll get it back together. Champions always lose at some time, and those who work harder generally get luckier.

Reminds us once more of Ecclesiastes 3:6: “A time to get and a time to lose?” Despite our contrary feeling, Leviticus 24:22: “There are no double standards.” Yet, essential Deuteronomy 1:21: “Don’t lose heart.” And, Philippians 3:14: “Press on toward the goal to win.”

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