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Sunflower Days 4-H Fair offers exhibitors first chance of season to show their best

Exhibitors line up some of Osage County’s best cattle during the stockman competition at Sunflower Days 4-H Fair.

Exhibitor results of the 2017 Melvern Sunflower Days 4-H Fair, held June 22-24, 2017, at Melvern, have been released as follows:


Arts and Crafts

  • Tracy Wilk, purple, grand champion


  • Kiera McNellis, purple, blue, blue
  • Ryanne McNellis blue, blue, blue
  • Lily Shultz purple
  • Solomon Shultz, blue, blue
  • Kieren Shultz, blue, blue
  • Isaac Shultz, blue
  • Solomon Shultz, blue


  • Lily Shultz, purple


  • Allie Kneisler, purple, reserve champion
  • Allie Kneisler, blue
  • Ethan Kneisler, red


  • Morgan Young, blue

3-D Construction

  • Martin Ramos, red
  • Justin Brinkley, purple
  • Ethan Kneisler, purple
  • Allie Reeser, blue, blue
  • Alex Vest, red
  • Austin Vest, red


  • Tracy Wilk, purple, blue
  • Braelyn McNally, red

Fiber Arts

  • Ryanne McNellis, red
  • Kiera McNellis, blue reserve champion
  • Lily Shultz, blue
  • Kieren Shultz, blue
  • Lily Shultz, purple, grand champion


  • Ryanne McNellis, blue, blue, red
  • Ellie Sowers, purple, reserve champion


  • Kiera McNellis, red, blue, red
  • Allie Reeser, blue


  • Nocona Brinkley, blue
  • Allie Kneisler, purple, grand champion
  • Lily Shultz, blue, purple
  • Kieren Shultz, blue, blue
  • Solomon Shultz, blue, purple
  • Isaac Shultz, blue, blue


  • Ethan Kneisler, purple, grand champion


  • Braelyn McNally, blue, blue
  • Lynnea Nelson, blue
  • Allie Kneisler, blue
  • Ellie Sowers, purple
  • Allie Reeser, red
  • Kieren Shultz, purple, grand champion
  • Solomon Shultz, blue
  • Morgan Young, purple
  • Justin Brinkley, purple
  • Dylon Harris, blue
  • Isaac Shultz, blue
  • Tracy Wilk, purple, reserve champion, blue
  • Lily Shultz, blue


  • Tracy Wilk, blue
  • Tracy Wilk, red
  • Kilene Tate, blue, red
  • Kilene Tate, purple, blue, blue, blue
  • Kilene Tate, purple


  • Grace Schultze, blue, white
  • Allie Kneisler, blue, blue
  • Ethan Kneisler, red, blue
  • Ryanne McNellis, white, blue
  • Jessie Sandoz, purple, white
  • Lynnea Nelson, purple, grand champion, red
  • Allison Reeser, red, blue
  • Justin Brinkley, blue, blue
  • Martin Ramos, red, red
  • Kiera McNellis, red
  • Dylon Harris, blue
  • Austin Vest, blue, red
  • Ricky Vest, red, white
  • Alex Vest, white, red
  • Isaac Shultze, purple, purple
  • Solomon Shultz, purple, reserve champion, purple
  • Kieren Shultz, purple, blue
  • Tracy Wilk, purple, purple
  • Nocona Brinkley, red, white
  • Lily Shultz, blue, blue
  • Kiera McNellis, white
  • Dylon Harris, red

Shooting Sports

  • Allie Reeser, blue, blue


  • Allie Kneisler, blue
  • Ethan Kneisler, purple, grand champion
  • Dylon Harris, red
  • Kendall Young, blue

Space Tech

  • Marin Ramos, red


  • Justin Brinkley, purple
  • Lynnea Nelson, purple


  • Willing Workers, purple, treasurer notebook

Livestock – Stockman Competition

Senior Division

  • Dalton Hook, grand champion; buckle sponsored by Sloop Sales and Hook Repair.
  • Jamison Corwine, reserve; buckle sponsored by Hook Farms.


  • Hailey Gillespie, grand champion; buckle sponsored by Melvern/Ottawa Coop.
  • Ethan Kneisler, reserve champion; buckle sponsored by Melvern/Ottawa Coop.


  • Braelyn McNally, grand champion; buckle sponsored by Litch Farms/Pioneer Seed.
  • Katy Lowry, reserve champion; buckle sponsored by Willow Creek Farm/Jones Family Angus.
  • Brig Corwine, blue

Pee Wee

  • Brayden Gillespie, grand champion; buckle sponsored by Melvern branch of Lyndon State Bank.
  • Gradey McNally

Here are some photos of the fair provided by Frontier Extension District.

Food and other projects are displayed at Melvern Community Center.

Visions of ribbons attracted many young photographers to the photo exhibition.

Rambunctious but friendly hogs do their part to train kids to be stockmen.

The 2017 stockmen competition buckle winners were, front, from left, Brayden Gillespie, Ethan Kneisler, Braelyn McNally , Katy Lowry, back, Jamison Corwine, Dalton Hook, Hailey Gillespie, and 4-H exhibit coordinator Danny Rice.

Results compiled by Danny Rice; photos thanks to Frontier Extension District.

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