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Insurance department distributes funds to local firefighters relief organizations

TOPEKA, Kan. – The Kansas Insurance Department is currently making the annual funds distribution to state and local firefighter relief organizations. More than $13.1 million will be distributed among 562 local firefighters relief associations across the state, including seven associations in Osage County.

“This fund assists firefighters and their families when an accident or death occurs in the line of duty,” said Ken Selzer, Kansas Commissioner of Insurance. “We are honored to assist in its distribution.”

The money is generated by a 2 percent tax paid by insurance companies on fire and lightning insurance premiums written in Kansas for the previous calendar year. It is collected by the department, on behalf of the Kansas Firefighter Relief Act, and passed on to the FRAs, as required by Kansas law. The funds are disbursed electronically.

Funds to be distributed to Osage County fire associations total $60,401.97, and have been allocated as follows: Burlingame FRA 137, $10,641.79; Osage County Fire District No.1, FRA 610, $12,784.09; Osage County Fire District No.2, FRA 339, $12,807.37; Osage County Fire District No.3, FRA 633, $4,432.05; Osage County Fire District No.4, FRA 634, $9,632.85; Osage County Fire District No.5, FRA 584, $8,169.32; Scranton FRA 388, $1,934.50

“The local association funds are used for purchasing accident and health, disability, and life insurance premiums to assist firefighters and their families,” said John Boyd, firefighters relief associations administrator for the insurance department.

Also, the Kansas State Firefighters Association will receive $497,094 for education and research purposes and for funding the state association’s death benefit fund. These funds also come from the generated premium tax.

Of the state association total, $397,094 is earmarked for educational purposes and research into fire prevention and firefighting, and $100,000 is used to replenish the death benefit fund.

Information thanks to Kansas Insurance Department.

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