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Overbrook Overlook: Kids, get your tackle ready for annual fishing derby Saturday

Steve Cross Memorial Children’s Fishing Derby

The City of Overbrook Park and Recreation Department, Overbrook Rotary Club and Overbrook PRIDE will hold the 9th annual Steve Cross Memorial Children’s Fishing Derby starting at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017.

The fishing derby is named in memory of Steve Cross, who was an integral part of the derby since its inception. His contributions to it were many and great.

The event will be held at the Children’s Fishing Pond at Jones Park, in Overbrook. Registration is free. Contestants must be 16 years of age or younger. Prizes will be awarded.

Next year’s budget approved

The 2018 annual city budget was approved by unanimous vote of the Overbrook City Council following a public hearing on Aug. 9, 2017. Overbrook Mayor Don Schultz thanked all who attended the hearing.

The mayor also noted a recent public notice of all Overbrook property owners delinquent in paying their property tax. “Late and unpaid property tax greatly affects our city’s operating budget,” Schultz said. “Please be mindful of your responsibility in keeping our town funded as required by our publicly approved budget.”

Overbrook water supply and distribution

Conversations with the company doing the study on Overbrook’s water system continues. Weather also continues to have a big impact on the water and sewer systems. Electrical storms resulting in power loss affect the water well pumps and treatment equipment. Heavy rains overfill the sewer systems, especially the two pumping stations that move sewage from the north side of town over the hump to the sewer lagoons. Homes with drains that discharge into the city sewer cause a big part of this situation. City ordinances No. 269 and 290 require that surface water (water from rains and ground water collected by sump pumps, floor drains, and perimeter drains) does not discharge into the city sewer. Residents are advised to check their drains.

City maintenance

The exterior drainage work on the library foundation did not completely solve the leakage problem, at least following the recent six-plus inches of rain. Additional work will be required.

Street surface repair has been delayed due to repair companies being tied up with larger projects in other locations. However, the work will be done soon. The big rain affected a lot of roadways, ditches and drain tubes. Repair work will take time.

Overbrook Park and Recreation

Fall youth soccer starts soon.

Friends of the Library

Friends of the Overbrook Library will host a soup dinner and dessert auction at 5:30 p.m. Sept. 23, in the library’s community room. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the soups, then bid on their favorite desserts. High bidder takes it home! Anyone wishing to donate a crockpot of soup or a dessert, is asked to contact Mary Anderson at 785- 665-7352. All proceeds will be used to support the library.

Overbrook Police Department

The Overbrook Police Department reminds all drivers that school is now in session. Safe driving means no accidents and no tickets.

Tree trimming: Letters quoting city ordinance No. 353 were sent asking owners to trim or remove trees, limbs or bushes that are an endangerment. A lot of residents have already started or completed the process. One important update – due to a paperwork error, there will not be citations or fines issued at this time. Contact the police department at 785-665-7230 for more information.

County group offers help for underage drinking problems

Looking for ways to talk to your teenager about underage drinking? Drug Free Osage County Inc. can help. Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/BDrugFree/

Gym restoration idea grows

The gym restoration project is still alive with interest continuing in basic restoration of the old Overbrook High School gymnasium. The building will provide opportunity for physical exercise, games, gatherings, and even plays (with work to the stage). Two basic elements are needed to make this happen – volunteers and donations. Contact Overbrook City Council Member Carol Baughman if you have interest in supporting this project in any manner at 785-665-7180 or cbaughman@overbrookks.com.

Information thanks to city of Overbrook.

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