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Association releases 4-H and open results for 2017 Osage County Fair, Osage City

Members of the Osage County Farm Bureau serve up cold watermelon at the 2017 Osage County Fair.

The Osage County Fair Association has released the results of 4-H and open exhibition at the 2017 Osage County Fair held June 28-July 1, 2017, at Osage City, Kan. Participants’ ribbon placings and 4-H club affiliation are listed as initials, with a key at the end.

4-H Cloverbud Participants

  • Shelby Harris, NO
  • Bella Reeser, MJH

4-H Arts/Visual Arts

  • Acrylics: Alexis Barrett, WW, B
  • Ceramics: Tracy Wilk, WW, P, Mason Zirkle, CW, B; Solomon Shultz, CW, 1P, 2B; Kieren Shultz, CW, 1P, 1B; Westyn Zirkle, CW, B; Jenna Hamilton, WW, B; Alexis Barrett, WW, B; Kelsie Quaney, CW, 1P, 1B; Mary Zirkle, CW, B; Trever Quaney, CW, P; Lily Shultz, CW, P; Isaac Shultz, CW, P
  • Fiber: Jessie Sandoz, MJH, R
  • Leather: Dylon Harris, NO, B; Lily Shultz, CW, P
  • Oil: David Moore, VBR, R
  • Pastels: Ethan Kneisler, LL, P; Allie Kneisler, LL, 1P, 1B; Reanna Marcotte, LL, P
  • Pottery: Morgan Woodbury, VBR, 2P
  • Paper Cutting: Brayden Marcotte, LL, P
  • Sculpting: Morgan Young, LL, P
  • Sketching/Drawing: David Moore, VBR, B; Leanne Shoup, LL, P
  • 3-D Construction: Kevin Whitmer, WW, P; Luke Kerns, WW, P; Ethan Kneisler, LL, P; Allie Reeser, MJH, B; Allie Reeser, MJH, B; Justin Brinkley, MJH, P; Brayden Marcotte, LL, P
  • Other Art: Braelyn McNally, MJH, P; Jenna Hamilton, WW, 2 P; Nadia Williams, WW, Reserve champion, P; Tracy Wilk, WW, 2P; David Moore, VBR, P; Chloe Cannon, NO, 1P, 2B; Jaxon Dorr, WW, P, Katie Lowry, BG, B; Maddie Montgomery, VBR, 2B; Grace Croucher, WW, B; Breckyn Whitton-Peterson, LL, B; Brynna Whitton-Peterson, LL, B; Addyson Easter, VBR, P

4-H Wildlife

  • Justin Binkley, MJH, Grand Champion, P; Lynnea Nelson, NO, B

4-H Clothing

  • Clothing Construction 7-8 years: Chloe Cannon, NO, R
  • Clothing Constructed 9-11 years: Savannah Davis, VBR, P, Leanne Shoup, LL, R; Allison Reeser, MJH, B
  • Clothing Construction 12-14 yr. old: Jerra Butterfield, WW, B
  • Purchased outfit-Girl: Lily Shultz, CW, Reserve Champion, 1P, 1B; Kieren Shultz, CW, 1P, 1B; Nocona Brinkley, MJH, B; Jerra Butterfield, WW, Grand Champion, P; Trista Anderson, WW, R; Braelyn McNally, MJH, 1P,1B; Allie Kneisler, LL, B, Addyson Easter, VBR, 1P, 1B , Josie Thompson, WW, P
  • Purchased outfit, Boy: Isaac Shultz, CW, Reserve Grand Champion, P; Brody Thompson, WW, Reserve Class Champion, P; Solomon Shultz, CW, 1P, 1B

4-H Energy Management

  • AC Electrical Projects: Ethan Kneisler, LL, Grand Champion, 1P; Cole Thompson, WW, Class Reserve Champion, 1P; Garrett Croucher, WW, B; Grace Croucher, WW, B; Brian Davies, WW, B
  • DC Electrical Projects: Brody Thompson, WW, Reserve Grand Champion, 1P

4-H Food-Nutrition

  • 7-8 yr. olds: Chloe Cannon, NO, 1P, 1B; Kevin Whitmer, WW, 3B; Katie Lowry, BG, P; Braelyn McNally, MJH, 2B; Allie Kneisler, LL, B; Morgan Young, LL, B; Brody Thompson, WW, 2B; Makenzie Smitha, VBR, P
  • 9-11 yr. olds: Luke Kerns, WW, B; Nadia Williams, WW, B; Cole Thompson, WW, B; Jaxson Dorr, WW, 2B; Kieren Shultz, CW, B; Lynnea Nelson, NO, B; Gracy Smith, WW, 1B, 1R
  • 12-14 yr. olds: Jerra Butterfield, WW, 1P, 1R; Addyson Easter, VBR, Reserve Champion,1P, 1B; Isaac Shultz, CW, P; Mariah Smitha, VBR, P; Dylon Harris, NO, P; Trista Anderson, WW, R; Jenna Hamilton, WW, 2B; Josie Thompson, WW, B; Alexis Barrett, WW, 1B, 1R; Ryan Addleman, LL, B
  • 15-18 yr. olds: Tracy Wilk, WW, Champion, B; Lily Shultz, CW, R; J.D. Schoepflin, WW, B; Madison Smitha, VBR, B; Kelsie Quaney, CW, B
  • 15-18 yr. olds Educational Display: Tracy Wilk, WW, P

4-H Cookie Jar Contest

  • 4-H Cookie Jar: Vassar Blue Ribbon-P; Willing Workers, B
  • 4-H Heritage Fiber Arts
  • Crochet Article: Jerra Butterfield, WW, P
  • Knitting by hand or machine: Lily Shultz, CW, B; Kieren Shultz, CW, B
  • Patchwork/Quilting: Lily Shultz, CW, Reserve Grand Champion, P

4-H Horticulture

  • Small Veggie: Kevin Whitmer, WW, B; Madison Smitha, VBR, R; Makenzie Smitha, VBR, R
  • Medium Veggie: Kilene Tate, WW, P; Liam Vandruff, B, 2R; Tracy Wilk, WW, 1R, 1W; Ryan Addleman, LL, 2B; Kevin Whittmer, WW, B
  • Large Veggie: Mariah Smitha, VBR, R; Makenzie Smitha, VBR, B; Madison Smitha, VBR, B; Tracy Wilk, WW, R
  • Herbs: Keegan Anschutz, VBR, 2B; Kyler Anschutz, VBR, B; Lily Shultz, CW, 1P, 1R; Kilene Tate, WW, R
  • Perennial cut flower: Kilene Tate, WW, 1P, 1R; Makenzie Smitha, VBR, B; Madison Smitha, VBR, R; Mariah Smitha, VBR, R; Jerra Butterfield, WW, Reserve Grand Champion, P, 2R; Kevin Whitmer, WW, 2B, 1R
  • Potted Plants: Trever Quaney-Grand Champion, P; Kelsie Quaney, CW, B; Kieren Shultz, CW, R; Solomon Shultz, CW, B
  • Fresh Flowers: Madelyn Montgomery, VBR, B; Jenna Hamilton, WW, B

4-H AG Mechanics

  • AG Mechanics, Tractor Restoration: Jaiton Bosse, WW, Grand Champion, P

4-H Miscellaneous

  • Posters: Trista Anderson, WW, R; Jerra Butterfield, WW, P; Danielle Kerns, WW, B
  • Notebooks: Jenna Hamilton, WW, P
  • 4-H Reading Notebook: Lily Shultz, CW, P
  • 4-H Officer Notebook: Trista Anderson, Grand Champion, P; Royce Cowan, WW, R

4-H Photography

  • Color Photos/3 years or less in project: Tara Green, LL, Reserve Grand Champion, 2P; Jerra Butterfield, WW, B; Lynnea Nelson, NO, P; Alex Regenold, WW, 1B, 1P; Allie Kneisler, LL, Grand Champion, 1P, 1R; Brody Thompson, WW, 1P, 1B; Allie Reeser, MJH, 2R; Jessie Sandoz, MJH, 1P, 1B; Kinsley Garrison, NO, 2R; Jaxson Dorr, WW, 1P, 1R; Makenzie Smitha, VBR, 1P, 1W; Mariah Smitha, VBR, 1B, 1R; Madison Smitha, VBR, 1R, 1W; Ethan Kneisler, LL, 2B
  • Color Photos/4-7yrs in project: Trista Anderson, WW, 2P; Solomom Shultz, CW, 2P; Isaac Shultz, CW, 2P; Danielle Kerns, WW, 1P, 1B; Jenna Hamilton, WW, 1P, 1B; Gabe Butel, NO, 1P, 1B; Dylon Harris, NO, B; Austin Vest, MJH, 2B; Martir Ramos, MJH, 2B; Alex Vest, MJH, 2B; Addyson Easter, VBR, 2B; Kieren Shultz, CW, 2B; Brook Butel, NO, 1B, 1R; Justin Brinkley, MJH, 1B, 1R; Trever Quaney, CW, 1R, 1W; Josie thompson(WW, R; Rickey Vest, MJH, 2R
  • Color Photos/8 or more yrs. in project: Nocona Brinkley, MJH, 1P, 1R; Kelsie Quaney, CW, 2R; Lily Shultz, CW, 1B; Tracy Wilk, WW, 1P, 1B
  • Black and White Photos: Lily Shultz, CW, R; Dylon Harris, NO, R; Lynnea Nelson, NO, B; Jerra Butterfield; WW; P

4-H Shooting Sports

  • Educational Display: Allie Reeser; MJH) Grand Champion; 1P; 1B
  • Promotional Poster: Luke Kerns; WW; P

4-H Space Tech-Astronomy

  • Educational Notebook: Martir Ramos, MJH, R

4-H Woodworking

  • Furniture: Ethan Kneisler, LL, Grand Champion, P; Kendall Young, LL, Reserve Class Champion, P; Cody Atchison, B, B; Dylon Harris, NO, R
  • Other Woodwork: Reanna Marcotte, LL, Reserve Grand Champion, P; James Marcotte, LL, B; Rylan Addleman, LL, Reserve Class Champion, P; Allie Kneisler, LL, R

Boy Scouts of America

  • Cub Section: Caleb Anschutz, B
  • Cubs and Webelos Section: Mason Zirkle, B
  • Boy Scouts: Caleb Anschutz, B, R, W

Open Class, Recycling

  • Junior, Youth 14 years and under: Trista Anderson, B
  • Senior, 15 years and over: Donna Marie Anderson, 2B, LeRoy Anderson, B

Open Class Horticulture and Crops

  • Medium Veggie: Derald Stromgren, 3B; Robin Dorr, B, Helen Ramsey, 1B, 1R, Cheryl Croucher, 2R, Donna Marie Anderson, W, Jeff Pearson, 1B, 1R, Catherine Kane, 1B, 1R
  • Large Veggie: Derald Stromgren, 2B, Helen Ramsey, B, Wayne White, R
  • Herbs: Ruth Figgs, 2B, 1R, Donna Marie Anderson, 4B, 2R, 1G, Jeff Pearson, 3B, 2 R, Cheryl Croucher, R
  • Garlic: Jeff Pearson, B
  • Largest Zucchini: Calvin Bailey, B
  • Miscellaneous: Ruth Figgs, B, Roin Dorr, B

Youth, 15 and under

  • Small Veggie: Kevin Whitmer, B
  • Medium Veggie: Sydney Stromgren, 5B, Max Pearson, 3R
  • Large Veggie: Sydney Stromgren, 2B
  • Herbs: Max Pearson, 3B, 2R, Kayden Barrett, 2B

Open Class Domestic Arts


  • Quilt patchwork machine: Helen Ramsey, B; Catherine Kane, R
  • Quilt Applique: Catherine Kane, B
  • Quilt child’s crib: Catherine Kane, B
  • Quilt creative: Catherine Kane, B; Helen Ramsey, R
  • Quilt other: Helen Ramsey, B
  • Quilt Tops: Catherine Kane, B
  • Quilt Pillow: Helen Ramsey, B; Catherine Kane, R
  • Mini Quilt: Helen Ramsey, B
  • Miscellaneous: Catherine Kane, 1B, 1R; Helen Ramsey, W
  • Quilted Table Runner: Helen Ramsey, B; Catherine Kane, 1R, 1W


  • Placemats: Catherine Kane, 1B, 1R
  • Pillowcases: Devin Ramsey, B; Helen Ramsey, 1R, 1W
  • Dish Twoels: Helen Ramsey, 1B, 1R
  • Knit or Crocheted Item: Gayla Regenold, B
  • Pot Holder: Helen Ramsey, 1B, 1R
  • Knitting Baby item: Gayla Regenold, B
  • Small Crocheted: Catherine Kane, B
  • Knitted Cowl: Gayla Regenold, B


  • Blouse: Catherine Kane, B
  • Sweatshirt: Helen Ramsey, B

Fine Arts

  • Acrylic Painting: Devin Ramsey, B
  • Mix Medium: Catherine Kane, G
  • Barn Quilts: Dawn Schoepflin, B; Helen Ramsey, R; Janice Fager, W; Devin Ramsey, G
  • Christmas ornament: Helen Ramsey, B; Catherine Kane, R
  • Miscellaneous: Nikita Schoepflin, B; Robin Dorr, 1R, 1W

Miscellaneous Fine Arts

  • Creative Stitchery: Helen Ramsey, B
  • Holiday Crafts: Devin Ramsey, B, Helen Ramsey, 1R, 1W


  • Glaze: Jerra Butterfield, B

Youth Art Work, 15 and under

  • Hand Painted Item: Karley Lowery, B; Will Lowry, R
  • Drawings: Caleb Anschutz, 1B, 1R, 1W, 2G
  • Ceramics: Emerson Barrett, B; Kayden Barrett, R
  • Paper Crafts: Caleb Anschutz, B
  • Miscellaneous Crafts: Caleb Anschutz, 1B, 1R, 1W

Open Class Domestic Science

Breads and Rolls

  • Fancy Yeast Rolls: Catherine Kane, B
  • Plain Yeast Rolls: Catherine Kane, B
  • Cinnamon Rolls: Catherine Kane, Champion, B


  • Rolled: Pam Whitmer, B
  • Drop: Catherine Kane, B


  • Fudge: J.D. Schoepflin, B

Canned Foods

  • Canned Fruit: Helen Ramsey, B, Catherine Kane, R
  • Canned Veggies: Helen Ramsey, 2B, Catherine Kane, B


  • Sweet: Lou Estes, Reserve Champion, B
  • Peaches: Catherine Kane, B
  • Beets: Catherine Kane, B; Helen Ramsey, R
  • Taco Sauce: Helen Ramsey, B
  • Salsa: Catherine Kane, B; Helen Ramsey, R
  • Spaghetti Sauce: Helen Ramsey, B
  • Catsup: Helen Ramsey, B
  • Relish: Catherine Kane, B; Helen Ramsey, R
  • Miscellaneous: Catherine Kane, B; Helen Ramsey, R


  • Strawberry: Catherine Kane, B; Helen Ramsey, R


  • Miscellaneous: Lou Estes, B; Pam Whitmer, B


  • Plum: Catherine Kane, B; Helen Ramsey, R
  • Miscellaneous: Pam Whitmer, B
  • Grape: Lou Estes, R

Dried Foods

  • Meat: Lou Estes, B
  • Youth, 15 and under
  • Bar Cookies: Kimberly Knauber, R
  • Yeast Bread: Josie Thompson, R
  • Drop Cookies: Jaxson Dorr, B; Jerra Butterfield, R; Karly Richmond, R, Kimberly Knauber, W
  • Quick Bread: Kimberly Knauber, W
  • Muffins: Karly Lowry, Reserve Champion, B
  • Miscellaneous: Kevin Whitmer, Champion, B; Jerra Butterfield, R
  • Jam, Any kind: Cody Wright, 2B
  • Canned Veggies: Cody Wright, 1B, 1R, 1W, 2G

Open Class Photography

A-amateurs; P-professionals; J-juniors, 15 and younger

  • People-A: Donna Butterfield, G
  • People-J: Isaac Shultz, G; Jerra Butterfield, G
  • Photojournalism-J: Lily Shultz, B; Jerra Butterfield, R, Solomon Shultz, G, Isaac Shultz, G,
  • Nature-A: Donna Butterfield, B; Jenna Hamilton, 1R, 1W
  • Nature-J: Lily Shultz, B; Isaac Shultz, R; Solomon Schultz, W, Dylon Harris-4G, Jerra Butterfield, G; Danielle Kerns, 2G; Kieren Shultz, G
  • Animals-A: Rochelle Nelson, 1B, 1R; Nonona Brinkley, W
  • Animals-J: Jerra Butterfield, B; Lily Shultz, R
  • Pictorial-J: Jerra Butterfield, B; Lily Shultz, R, Kieren Shultz, G; Justin Brinkley, 3G; Danielle Kerns, G; Isaac Shultz, G
  • Osage County-A: Nocona Brinkley, G
  • Osage County-J: Danielle Kerns, B; Jerra Butterfield, R, Lily Schultz, W

Open Class Plants and Flowers


  • Begonia: Donna Marie Anderson, B
  • Swedish Ivy: Donna Marie Anderson, R
  • Ice Plant: Donna Marie Anderson, B
  • Hybrid Portulea: Donna Marie Anderson, B
  • Miscellaneous Plant: Donna Marie Anderson, B, Nikita Schoepflin, B, Lou Estes, B

Cut Flowers

  • Snapdragon: Donna Marie Anderson, R
  • Rose: Cheryl Croucher, B
  • Small Dahlia: Donna Marie Anderson, B
  • Lilies: Kevin Whitmer, B, Jerra Butterfield, R, Donna Marie Anderson, W,
  • Petunias: Cheryl Croucher, B, Kevin Whitmer, R, Donna Marie Anderson, W
  • Petunias, Ruffled/Doubled: Donna Marie Anderson, R
  • Small Zinnias: Donna Marie Anderson, B; Kevin Whitmer, R
  • Large Zinnias: Donna Marie Anderson, B
  • Zinnias, Largest Bloom: Donna Marie Anderson, B
  • Daisies: Donna Marie Anderson, B
  • Periwinkle: Donna Marie Anderson, B
  • Miscellaneous Cut Flower: Cliff Butterfield, B; Donna Butterfield, R; Kevin Whitmer, W


  • Mixed Flowers: Donna Marie Anderson, B
  • Annual Arrangement: Donna Marie Anderson, B
  • Prennial Arrangement: Ruth Figgs, B
  • Wildflower: Donna Marie Anderson, B
  • Mini Arrangement: Donna Marie Anderson, B
  • Cactus/Succulents: Donna Marie Anderson, R

Youth, 15 and under

  • Cut Flowers: Jerra Butterfield, B; Kevin Whitmer, R
  • Arrangment: Kayden Barrett, B

Key to 4-H clubs: BG, Burlingame 4-H Club, CR-Carbondale Rustlers 4-H Club, CW-Clover Wranglers 4-H Club, MJH-Melvern Jr. Highline 4-H Club, NO-North Osage 4-H Club, VBR-Vassar Blue Ribbon 4-H Club, WW, Willing Workers 4-H Club.

Key to ribbon placings: P-purple ribbon; B-blue ribbon; R-red ribbon; W-white ribbon; G-green participant ribbon.

Information thanks to Amanda Croucher.


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