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Filings in the Osage County Courthouse, Oct. 16 – Oct. 20, 2017

The following information was compiled from records at the Osage County Courthouse Oct. 16 through Oct. 20, 2017.

Limited Cases

  • Capital One Bank v. Danielle Weber. Recovery of money. Filed 10/16/17. Amount: $1,698.48, interest, costs and other. 17LM200
  • Discover Bank v. LaDonna Dickey. Recovery of money. Filed 10/20/17. Amount: $4,185.23, interest, costs and other. 17LM201
  • Credit Management Services v. Gary Spillman. Recovery of money. Filed 10/19/17. Amount: $1,455.75, interest, costs and other. 17LM202

Domestic Cases

  • Cammie Jo Green v. Albert Paul Green. Petition for divorce. Filed 10/17/17. 17DM207
  • Johnnette Vosseller v. John D. Vosseller. Petition for divorce. Filed 10/18/17. 17DM208
  • Joyce E. Warner v. John C. Warner. Petition for divorce. Filed 10/20/17. 17DM210
  • Christopher Scott Purvis v. Lesley Ann Winblad Purvis. Petition for divorce. Filed 10/19/17. 17DM211

State Tax Liens

  • State of Kansas v. Diane M. Morrison and George K. Morrison. Income tax lien. $5,007.08. Filed 10/12/17. 17ST058
  • State of Kansas v. Jade J. Daprato and Leo F. Daprato III. Income tax lien. $337.45. Filed 10/13/17. 17ST059
  • State of Kansas v. Bradley R. Teig. Income tax lien. $1,884.64. Filed 10/18/17. 17ST060
  • State of Kansas v. Burl McGowin and Linda McGowin. Income tax lien. $655.52. Filed 10/20/17. 17ST061
  • State of Kansas v. Dalton A. Lyda. Income tax lien. $937.37. Filed 10/20/17. 17ST062


  • Kastle Farms LLC to Randy J. Newgren and Christine Helen Hogan-Newgren. Tracts SE 1/4 29-15-14 and Tracts SW 1/4 28-15-14.
  • Roger L. Morgan and Frances W. Morgan to Richard Raymond Rojas Jr. Tract NW 1/4 9-16-16.
  • Bernard W. Lee and Viola R. Lee to Matthew Miguel Hernandez. Even Lots 26-64, Elm Street and Odd Lots 25-63 on Railroad Avenue, Carbon Coal and Mining Company’s Addition, Scranton.
  • Ted Craig and Terri Neill to Montgomery C. Lines and Melodee A. Lines. Lots 16-18, Block 3, Olivet.
  • Susan J. Cassity to Gloria J. Mathey and Renee Lincoln. Tract SW corner Block 12, Dodds and Boyd’s Addition, Osage City.
  • Lyndon State Bank to Ted Craig and Terri Neill. Tract SW 1/4 5-16-14.
  • Beverly L. Carlson to Payton J. Haefner. Even Lots 8-16, Block 12, Carbondale.
  • Gloria J. Mathey to Cole Armitage and Annabelle Arndt. W 140’ N 120’ Out Lot 6, Osage Land and Mining Company’s Addition, Osage City.
  • Randy L. Kirkpatrick and LaDonna J. Kirkpatrick to David E. Rhoads and Harley D. Rhoads. Tract NW fr 1/4 31-16-16.
  • Jean Lawhorn and Kathryn D. Lowry to Mary R. Warner. Lots 11-13, Block 1, Mayes 1st Addition, Melvern.
  • John R. Cox and Nola J. Cox to Virgil R. Potts and Toni L. Potts. Tract Block 17, Bailey and Gilliland’s Addition, Lyndon.

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