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Overbrook Overlook: City elects new mayor

In the recent election, Jon Brady was elected as Overbrook mayor, Carol Baughman was reelected as a council member, and Cheryl Miller, a write-in candidate, was elected as a council member. They will be sworn in 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 8, 2018, during a special city council meeting. Don Schultz will be retiring from city government following two years as a Council member and more than eight years as mayor.

Overbrook Park and Recreation

A discussion was held during the November city council meeting about actions that will be taken to control the Canadian Geese population at City Lake. Overbrook Parks and Recreation, the city, and Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism have reviewed possible methods to control the goose population and help reduce the sanitation and blue-green algae problems they create. Wildlife officials said that a controlled shoot may be the most effective, however, that was not what the city council chose to do. A propane cannon will be used to scare the geese – no projectiles are fired, just noise. The public will be notified of the cannon firing schedule ahead of time.

A light beacon floating on the lake surface at night to disrupt their sleep may also be used. During nesting season, eggs may be coated with oil so they will not hatch. These and possibly other actions will be tried before a decision will be made for a controlled shoot.

Anyone found feeding the geese may be subject to a fine. Signs have been posted at the lake, which will be monitored.

Overbrook Police Department

Overbrook Police Chief Hollingsworth announced in late November that part-time officers Armonda Crist and Dena Manning have completed certification training at KLETC facilities in Yoder, Kan. Both officers received high marks of achievement and are now fully capable of performing duties as needed.

Also, remember to be “Wise Men” during the Christmas season (smart with your personal property). Lock it, remove it, or keep it out of sight so you don’t lose it. Don’t give crime a chance.

Overbrook Maintenance Department

Overbrook Maintenance Department is operating under the direction of interim supervisor Dan Gamblin. A part-time laborer is being considered. An ad for a full time department supervisor will be posted soon. The department is operating well but somewhat short handed. If you contact the department regarding an issue, please understand they will respond as soon as possible.

2018 City Pet Tags

Pet license tags may be purchased now. Tags are $5 for neutered pets and $10 if not. All cats and dogs whether kept indoors or out are required to have a tag. A $60 fine plus court costs applies for untagged pets.

For those animals who had a previous year tag and have a current rabies vaccination on file, city hall will process an auto-renewal next month when January utility bills are generated. The permit fee will be charged to utilities accounts and license and tag will be mailed with the utility bill. If you no longer have the animal or have added additional animals, contact city hall. This option is only available to animals with a current rabies vaccination on file at the time the license is issued.

City water, wells, and distribution system update

Kramer Engineering, Topeka, has been researching the city’s water supply, treatment, and distribution grid over the past several months. At the November city council meeting, they presented the city with a thumbnail outline of summary information. This outline will serve as a part of what will become a project plan to update our water system.

Overbrook Community Chest

The Overbrook Community Chest will accept donations through the end of December. Also, the Overbrook Community Foundation can accept donations anytime and they will be used as grant awards for community improvement projects.

Upcoming events

Saturday, Dec. 2

  • Biscuits & gravy breakfast 7-10 a.m. at the Overbrook American Legion.
  • Shopping Extravaganza at Appanoose School Museum – 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
  • Community Christmas program at the library – 3:30 p.m.

Sunday, Dec. 3

  • Holiday Home Tour starting at 11 a.m. with a soup dinner at the Overbrook United Methodist Church.
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