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Frontier Extension District honors local supporters with annual appreciation awards

The Frontier Extension District recently presented its annual appreciation awards to five people who have made outstanding contributions to Extension programs. Honored were Mike and Sharon Kilet, of Anderson County, Ken and Lori Kuykendall, Osage County, and Jo Ellen Arnold, Franklin County. The honorees were selected by the Frontier District governing board and awards were presented Nov. 28, 2017. Meet this year’s award winners:

Ken and Lori Kuykendall

Ken and Lori Kuykendall are lifetime residents of Osage County, and have been great contributors to their community. Ken was a 4-H member as a youth. He has served as a member of the Extension Agriculture Program Development Committee, Osage County Extension Executive Board, and Osage City Fair Board. He is currently serving as an Osage County commissioner.

Lori is the district manager of the Osage County Conservation District. She supports many conservation programs and works cooperatively with the Frontier Extension District to promote best management practices. She has been instrumental in working with Extension on cost-share contracts for soil testing resulting in better water quality, Earth Day presentations, and Key Banker Award programs for good conservation practices. Lori served on the Frontier Extension District board when the district was formed and also has served as chairman of the Extension Program Development Committee for 4-H.

Ken and Lori have four children who were 4-H members, and they have hosted an International 4-H youth exchange student from Scotland.

Jo Ellen Arnold

Jo Ellen Arnold began her career with K-State Research and Extension in 1978 after receiving her Bachelor of Science degree from Kansas State University. She served as a 4-H Youth Development Agent in Franklin County and the Frontier Extension District for 34 years. Jo Ellen touched the lives of hundreds of youth during her career, and was involved in organizing and implementing countless 4-H activities and events.

Highlights included coaching national judging teams in dairy and poultry, and chaperoning several Citizenship Washington Focus trips to Washington D.C., as well as a National 4-H Congress trip to Atlanta, Georgia. She was the coordinator for the Kansas Venture’s Wilderness program, and an active member of the Kansas Association of Extension 4-H Agent’s Association, where she received the 4-H Distinguished Service Award. Jo Ellen is currently a 4-H project leader in genealogy for the Frontier District, and continues to be active in her church and community.

Mike and Sharon Kilet

Mike and Sharon Kilet have been involved with Anderson County Extension and 4-H for more than 40 years. Mike was a member of the Bush City Boosters 4-H Club as a 4-Her in the late 1950s and early 1960s, which started his passion for 4-H. Mike and Sharon became heavily involved in 4-H when the first of their three daughters joined 4-H. The Kilets were 4-H leaders for the Star Shooting 4-H club for many years, and also served as project leaders for sheep, swine, horse, foods, and sewing projects. Mike was a sheep superintendent at the Anderson County Fair for many years, and Sharon was there to help with anything that was needed. Mike served on the Anderson County Extension Executive Board and the Anderson County Fair Board for many years.

The Kilets have three daughters, Shelly, Kelli, and Jody, who have each gone on to raise another generation of 4-Hers. Mike and Sharon used 4-H as a tool to instill positive values in their own children and many others in Anderson County.

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