Letter to Editor: Propane company left us cold

Dear Editor:

Some MFA Oil customers are sitting in cold homes today. MFA failed to deliver scheduled propane fills in November and December due to a computer error, we were told. The result left some customers without propane for heat in sub-freezing temperatures.

Drivers are scrambling this weekend to get tanks filled. The process is expected to take longer than usual; homes with empty tanks will need lines purged and pilot lights re-ignited by delivery personnel.

Employees said the computer error was created when MFA Oil transitioned consumer accounts from Lybarger Propane. It is unclear at this time how many homes and businesses are affected.

MFA Oil corporate headquarters is located in Columbia, Mo. According to their website, they deliver propane to a 10-state region from Utah to Indiana.

If you are a MFA Oil customer, it would be a good idea to check your own propane tank level to make sure you have enough propane to heat your home during this cold weather spell.

Kendra Harnden

4 Responses to Letter to Editor: Propane company left us cold

  1. mike hanks says:

    they quoted us $138 and billed us and made us pay $150 a gallon so they are not just having computer errors they have no idea on handling a business and standing behind what they quote customers

  2. JoAnn Pouch says:

    That must have been ‘why’ automated payments had not been made. And customers were not notified either that this was going to happen.

  3. Carol B. says:

    We are on a monthly pre-payment plan. Last fill-up was end of October. Had to call MFA Oil 3 times before we finally got a fill this past Friday. Had first called about 10 days ago. They want us to sign contact and pay monthly but can't keep their obligation for their customers.

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