Filings in the Osage County Courthouse, Jan. 8 – Jan. 12, 2018

The following information was compiled from records at the Osage County Courthouse Jan. 8 through Jan. 12, 2018.

Probate Cases

  • James Arthur Hamman. Probate wills. Filed 1/8/17. 18PR3

Limited Cases

  • Burns, Burns, Walsh and Walsh v. Travis Skillman. Recovery of money. Filed 1/10/18. Amount: $2,661.46, interest, cost and other. 18LM005

Domestic Cases

  • Scott C. Fesenmeyer v. Michelle Fesenmeyer. Petition for divorce. Filed 1/5/18. 18DM004
  • Adolfo E. Lopez v. Ana Lopez. Petition for divorce. Filed 1/8/18. 18DM006
  • Tina Renee Bugg v. Anton Lyndel Bugg. Petition for divorce. Filed 1/12/18. 18DM008

State Tax Liens

  • State of Kansas v. Hannah LaFountaine. State tax lien, income tax. $251.23. Filed 1/11/18. 18ST001
  • State of Kansas v. Junction Township. State tax lien, withholding tax. $365.70. Filed 1/11/18. 17ST002

Small Claims Cases

  • Citizens State Bank v. Jennifer Nicole Ann Flewelling and Jessie James Winsky. Recovery of money. Filed 1/8/18. Amount: $127.00, interest, costs and other. 18SC5
  • Citizens State Bank v. Robyn Arb. Recovery of money. Filed 1/8/18. Amount: $197.50, interest, costs and other. 18SC6
  • Citizens State Bank v. Danny Woodson. Recovery of money. Filed 1/8/18. Amount: $612.77, interest, costs and other. 18SC7


  • Agnes Schlink Estate to Michael A. Musick and Nancy J. Musick. Tract NE 1/4 18-14-17.
  • Agnes Schlink Estate to Thomas D. Moore. Tract NW 1/4 20-14-17.
  • Wesley E. Schimmel and Kristy A. Schimmel to Tony L. Brown. Tract NE 1/4 22-18-16.
  • Wesley E. Schimmel and Kristy A. Schimmel to Joseph E. Arb and Heidi P. Arb. Tract NW 1/4 10-17-16.
  • J.W. Brune and Carol Lyon Brune to Caleb J. Hastings and Kylie B. Hastings. Tract NW 1/4 and Tract NE 1/4 15-15-17.
  • Jeffery L. Macy and Christine E. Macy to Abraham R. Pruitt and Cynthia M. Pruitt. Tract NE 1/4 6-15-17.
  • Frank A. Desch and V’Anne S. Desch Trust to Amy Kline. Odd Lots 19-25, Block 3, Dodds and Boyd’s Addition, Osage City.
  • Sandra S. DeShazer Trust to Michael J. Franklin and Elizabeth A. Franklin. Lot 10, Block 20, Osage Carbon Company’s Addition, Scranton.
  • Richard L. Meyer and Linda M. Meyer to Bryce E. Cripps and Judith A. Cripps. Tracts NE 1/4 17-15-14.
  • FNMA to Mike J. Powell and Sherry A. Britschge. E 1/2 N 1/2 Block 43, Osage Carbon Company’s 2nd Addition, Osage City.
  • Nola J. Cox Trust to Jonathon E. Beauclair and Brenna E. Beauclair. Lots 1-6 and E 1/2 Lot 6, Block 26, Original Lyndon.
  • Bobbie J. Reeves to Yvonne Colleen Petrechko. Even Lots 2-6 and N 1/2 Lot 8, Block 7, Original Melvern.
  • Caleb Hastings and Kylie Hastings to Timothy H. Button. Tract NW fr 1/4 19-15-17.
  • Cynthia E. Wymore to Earl M. Long and Vicki M. Long. Tract Block 1, Dodds and Martin’s Addition, Osage City.
  • Judy M. Clark and Tina M. Clark to L.J. Garber Construction LLC. Odd Lots 1-5, Block 22, Original Town Melvern.
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