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Osage County’s top spellers compete at Lyndon

Schools from across the county sent their best spellers to Lyndon to compete in the countywide spelling bee Feb. 2, 2018. Competitors, from left, were Riley Patterson, Madison Cormode, Olivia Lacey, Sadie Shoemaker, Kendalan VanCamp, Kaelee Washington, Graham Newberry, Marlen Long, Serray Shinn, and Mason Flickinger.

Hopefully sixth-grader Kaelee Washington won’t ever be incarcerated, but she knows how to spell it. “Incarcerated” was the final word in a seven-round match that gave Kaelee the championship at the 2018 Osage County Spelling Bee, held Friday morning at Lyndon High School.

Osage County’s champion spellers, from left, Kaelee Washington, first place, and Serray Shinn, second place.

Kaelee, who attends Carbondale Attendance Center, competed against nine other top spellers from schools around the county. With Heather Green as pronouncer and Peggy Morstorf as judge, the quick match dropped five competitors in the first round with words such as cordial, reservoir, quantum, calamine and jauntily. Round two had two more misses with “azalea” and “sophomore”, leaving three competitors, Serray Shinn, Burlingame eighth-grader, Mason Flickinger, Burlingame seventh-grader, and Kaelee for round three.

The word “impeccable” took out Mason, leaving two final competitors to spell “repugnance” and “strenuous” in round four, and “sherpa” and “crematoria” in round five. In round six, Serray had a “voluminous” error, giving Kaelee a “proviso” that sent her to the final one-word round. Correctly spelling “incarcerated”, Kaelee became the countywide champion.

Kaelee and second-place winner Serray will compete at the regional spelling bee to be held March 10 at Topeka.

The top spellers from Osage County schools who competed in the match included Marlen Long and Graham Newberry, of Lyndon; Serray Shinn and Mason Flickinger, Burlingame; Sadie Shoemaker and Riley Patterson, Osage City; Kaelee Washington and Kendalan VanCamp, Carbondale; and Madison Cormode and Olivia Lacey, Marais des Cygnes Valley. Named as alternates were Maci Ramey, Lyndon, Natalia Humphreys, Burlingame, Kaityn Gantenbein, Osage City, and Riley Spillman, Marais des Cygnes Valley.

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