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Osage City Kiwanis announce end to curbside paper recycling project

OSAGE CITY, Kan. – As of June 1, 2018, a 30-year paper recycling program operated by the Osage City Kiwanis will come to an end. Over the years, the club has regularly picked up papers, magazines and shredded paper citywide on the last Saturday of each month. However, the club will continue its paper recycling program, but has decided to concentrate efforts on the recycling bins located at Osage City’s maintenance yard at Ninth and Main streets.

With the advent of the city’s recycling program, the club has had two collection bins as part of that program. The bins will still be available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Miscellaneous papers, magazines and shredded paper in a plastic bag remain the same acceptable paper items. An Osage City Kiwanis sign is on the maintenance yard fence identifying our recycling program. The two bins are marked papers, newspapers, etc. and are located immediately behind the sign.

The Kiwanis encourage people to use this method of paper recycling, but realizes some older citizens and disabled persons might find it difficult to get to the bins. Anyone with an inability to access the recycle bins is encouraged to contact the Kiwanis at 785-528-2891 or 785-217-4586 whenever you have need for papers to be picked up.

The Kiwanis paper recycling has been one of the club’s signature service projects for more than 30 years. Originally started as a last Saturday of the month citywide and surrounding area pick-up, the project expanded to twice a week pickups plus the Saturday pick-up. Paper was collected from local homes, businesses and anyone in the surrounding area who needed it. Osage City Kiwanis members emptied the recycling bins twice a week and loaded paper into a semi trailer located in the maintenance yard.

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