Letter to Editor: City councilman spreads kindness in Scranton

Dear Editor:

Tim Nedeau, left, with “Lefty” Stephenson, helped his Scranton neighbors with clearing unwanted saplings from their yard.

My name is Dana Webber, and I live in Scranton. A couple of weeks ago I had a knock at the door in the late afternoon. When I answered it, I was surprised to see one of our city commissioners standing there, Tim Nedeau. He asked me to step outside to talk and proceeded to ask me if it would be okay if he came by the next week with his chain saw and cut down the unwanted tree saplings which had grown up around the south side of our house. Wow, I was excited, and immediately accepted the offer.

I am a widow of 14 years, and my younger brother, Terry, who is disabled with a back injury, and my dad, Raymond “Lefty” Stephenson, a WWII veteran who is nearly 99 years old, also live with me. None of us are able to do this type of labor. Imagine how thrilled I was to have someone offer their time to come and do such a wonderful gesture of kindness.

Last week around 8 a.m. I heard a chain saw going, so stepped out to see if it was Tim. Sure enough there he was working diligently cutting down these unwanted trees (some were up to the rooftop). I’d wanted them removed before but didn’t know who to contact. After a brief chat with Tim, I found he really cares about the community and is trying to improve its appearance. I too care about the appearance of my property and have seen some positive changes in the cleaning up of some properties in the area. I am thankful for someone like him representing the city of Scranton in such a positive manner.

When I asked Tim why he chose to do this for us, he said, “I knew you and a WWII veteran lived here, and I just wanted to help out.”

Dana Webber, Scranton

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