Frontier Extension can help you ‘Stay Strong, Stay Healthy’

Eat healthy – check. Get aerobic exercise – check. Do strength training – not so much.

The loss of muscle mass can slip up on us without warning. Evidence shows that adults can begin to lose muscle mass even in their early 30s. And, in their 50s, adults can see the decline in muscle mass really begin to accelerate. At some point we realize that we may not be able to do certain things that we used to, but we also don’t know how to counter the process.

This summer the Frontier Extension District will be offering the Stay Strong, Stay Healthy program that is geared toward helping older adults regain strength, improve balance and flexibility, and overall health through strength training.

Participants in the program meet for one hour, twice a week for eight weeks. Each session includes warm-up exercises, simple strength training exercises with and without weights, and cool-down activities. Class members are also encouraged to do the exercises on their own once more per week. Over the eight weeks, participants learn the exercises and begin to improve strength and balance.

The potential benefits of strength training include a decrease in arthritis pain, weight maintenance, and a reduction in the risk of diabetes, heart disease and depression. Stress management and improvement in sleep quality are other potential benefits.

The program will be offered in Lyndon starting on July 10, 2018, at the First Baptist Church, 129 W. 15th St. The class will meet weekly on Tuesday and Fridays from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. The registration cost for the program is $20. Hand and leg weights will be provided for participants to use during class sessions.

Contact the Frontier District Lyndon office at 785-828-4438 to sign up and complete the registration process. For more information, contact Chelsea Richmond at 785-448-6826 or [email protected].

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