Shari Weber: Correction of the record – the rest of the story

Ah, the primary season is upon us. Robocalls, survey calls, mailers, and print ads. It’s all “part of the game” we play to elect officials to various offices. I am sure many people tune out the bombardment of information thrown at us, but it would serve us well if we stopped and did some checking on the candidates in various races.

In the race for State Representative, District 59, which pits the incumbent Blaine Finch against me, Shari Weber, the Finch ads and mailers state, “I answer to you not the lobbyists that keep trying to call the shots for our families.” His 2017 Campaign Finance Report, filed with the Kansas Secretary of State and Ethics Commission, may leave you scratching your head regarding his statement. He has a campaign war chest totaling over $65,000, quite a large amount for a three-term representative. Where did the funds come from? In 2017 he reported contributions totaling $13,225 from 45 entities. ONE contribution of $250.00 came from a resident of the 59th District, the remainder from “lobbyists.” Finch’s July 30, 2018 Campaign Fund report touts another $20,000 plus in campaign contributions; again, mostly from special interests and lobbyists. The reports can be accessed online at the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission website under the “Campaign Finance heading” and the subhead “View Submitted Forms & Reports.” Here is the link. Also, see here for more information.

Finch also states he “funded schools without raising taxes,” yet he voted for the largest tax increase in the history of the state and also retroactively raised taxes on the residents of the 59th District. Instead of enacting legislation to curb spending, he left us all on the hook for increased taxes. Have you felt it?

Finch voting on tax issues:

2/22/2017: Voted to override Governor’s veto on HB 2178 (This would have raised taxes, but it failed in the Senate – the KC Star reported on this on Feb. 22, 2017 with an article titled “Kansas House overrides Brownback veto of tax bill”.)

6/6/2017: Voted to override the Governor’s veto on SB 30 (Raised taxes – the Wichita Eagle reported on this with an article titled “Lawmakers override Brownback veto of tax increases, rolling back 2012 cuts”.) Worth noting is that he voted against both bills the first time around, but then voted to override the vetoes later.

The complete voting record is available here (2017) and here (2018).

Finch states in campaign reports that he “fought to balance the budget.” Impressive, except the Kansas Constitution requires the legislature pass a balanced budget each year.

Finch has a “100% pro-life voting record”? If that is correct, why is he not endorsed by Kansans for Life, the “gold standard” for pro-life activities in Kansas? I, Shari Weber, am endorsed by Kansans for Life. Check Mr. Finch’s voting record. He initially voted for pro-choice amendments on bills, but when the recorded vote for a pro-life bill was made in the 2018 session, he decided he was then for the pro-life legislation. Flip-flop.

Yet Finch still claims in his political ads to be pro-life. Even more deceiving is a mailer sent by an “Alliance” in July 2018 featuring a photo of a precious infant and declaring inaccurately that Finch has a “100% pro-life voting record”.

And, last but not least is the mischaracterization of the challenger’s record. Finch crafted and paid for a mailer which featured quotes from the Topeka Capital Journal regarding my previous employment and legislative voting record. These slanderous statements about former House Majority Leader Weber, show bully tactics employed by incumbent Finch.

Political ad paid for by Shari Weber, [email protected], 785-366-0104.


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