Blaine Finch: Let’s talk straight

We’ve seen it all before. The past few years, dark money special interest groups have brought negative campaigning to our community. Their tactics are the same again this year. My opponent – and the special interests backing her – waited until the last minute to launch a smear campaign against me. Why? Because by waiting, they hope I won’t have time to respond to their attacks and give you the truth.

So, let’s talk straight.

My campaign is supported by people in our community, businesses, ag groups and health care organizations. When my opponent says I am funded by “lobbyists,” she’s talking about Kansas Farm Bureau, Kansas Livestock Association, Kansas Hospitals and other community groups that represent our families, our values and our jobs. The people backing my campaign are fully disclosed on campaign finance reports, meanwhile the special interest groups that like to throw mud in these campaigns get to hide in the shadows. They don’t live here, work here or raise their families here like you and I do.

I voted to fund our schools without a tax increase. That’s a fact. The legislature passed Senate Bill 423 this year, a plan to fund our schools within the existing budget and get the Supreme Court out of our classrooms. There were special interest groups pushing for a $1 billion plan, which would have required a tax hike. I opposed that plan – and I opposed any plan that would have required a tax increase – from the very beginning. My opponent isn’t telling you the truth.

I voted to override Brownback and put a stop to his tax favors. My opponent took a special favor appointment from Brownback, so it’s not a surprise that she would support his tax favors too. I don’t think it’s fair that certain corporations get to skirt their taxes while our families and businesses pick up their tab. That’s why I voted to override Brownback. What my opponent fails to mention is that overriding Brownback meant reinstating the ability for our farmers to write off loss carryover, for our families to deduct medical expenses when facing a catastrophic illness or injury, and for homeowners in our community to deduct their property taxes and mortgage interest. Don’t be fooled by her rhetoric.

I am pro-life with the voting record to prove it. I have voted for every pro-life bill that has come before the Legislature, including banning dismemberment abortions, defunding Planned Parenthood, and establishing that life begins at conception. I have never wavered on this issue and I never will. My opponent knows that. What she and the special interests backing her take issue with is the fact that I voted for a provision that would not give your doctor permission to lie to you. I don’t think it’s right to give anyone free license to lie.

My opponent’s record speaks for itself. The one thing my opponent doesn’t want to talk about in this race is her record. I’d rather talk about my record and the issues. If you want to read about Shari Weber’s track record, I encourage you to Google search her name.

You know me and you know my commitment to do right by our families. All of my votes are public record. If you have any questions or have concerns about something you’ve heard in this election, I encourage you to check my votes – 2018 Voting Record and 2017 Voting Record – or give me a call. You can reach me at 785-242-6400 or [email protected].

I know the negative campaigning that has plagued this election has been frustrating for you and me both. But, I also know, as Americans, the worst thing we can do is sit on the sidelines and be silent in this election. Doing so will allow their smear campaigns and this culture of negativity to become the norm in our community. I ask for your vote on Tuesday.

Blaine Finch

Political ad paid for by Finch for Kansas. Bob Greenfield, Treasurer.

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