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Meet a local 4-Her: Lily Shultz, green-thumbed Samaritan

Hello, I am Lily Shultz of the Clover Wrangler 4-H Club. I have served as president of my club and the Osage County 4-H Council this year. Our club members are very close, and we enjoy working and playing together. We do lots of service projects. This year we built dozens of shoeboxes for the Operation Christmas Child Program. I love building boxes and shopping for just the right items to send to each child.

I enjoy a variety of projects in 4-H. In fiber arts I have worked on quilting, crochet, and knitting. In visual arts I have done ceramics, drawings, paintings, and a couple of leather projects. I love photography and reading as well.

Last year I started my first garden and now I am hooked on all things plant science. I started out with a small container garden but this year I had an actual-in the ground garden and I grew watermelons, among other things. I was so excited as I watched my garden grow and I was thrilled when I harvested my first watermelon. It is a wonderful thing to grow your own food and to be able to share your produce with others.

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