Artist’s assistant fondly remembers painting Bearcat mural at Burlingame High School

David Weiss has good memories of his after-high-school job, which took him around the United States as driver and assistant to a freelance artist who painted murals at roller rinks, restaurants and school gymnasiums.

A school gymnasium is the memory that brought Weiss’ thoughts back to Osage County, because sometime in 1975 to 1977 he helped mural artist Marvin E. Norton paint a Bearcat mural on the gym wall at Burlingame. In addition, the two-man team painted another Bearcat head on the press box at the football field.

Weiss recently contacted Osage County News inquiring about whether the mural still exists. He explained he has been trying to find out if any murals he helped Norton paint are still on display. He estimated he helped Norton paint as many as 100 murals around the United States. Weiss said he had photographed most of the murals, but a house fire destroyed all of his photos.

Weiss said at the time he was in Burlingame painting the mural, the local newspaper came to take photos and published a story. He said the mural painted at Burlingame was about 30 feet long on one wall of the gymnasium.

Weiss, who lives at Butler, Mo., is asking that anyone who might have memories of the mural or have knowledge of it to contact him. He can be reached through Facebook or by email at [email protected].

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