MdCV grads head into world bolstered by firm friendships, strong dreams

Marais des Cygnes Valley High School Class of 2019. Photo by Kramer Photos.

Spring showers brought May flowers and also sprouted a new crop of graduates at Marais des Cygnes Valley High School. At the first graduation honors in Osage County for 2019, friends, family, faculty, administrators, and the USD 456 Board of Education gathered May 4 at the MdCV High School gymnasium to wish well to this year’s dozen MdCV High School graduates.

MdCV’s 2019 salutatorian Chloe Volkman recognized the crowd gathered for the ceremony.

“Thank you all again for coming to help us celebrate this special day in our lives,” Volkman said. “We are very grateful to have such an amazing community who supports us. I would just like to make one last thank you to all of the staff at school, because none of this would be possible without you guys.”

To her classmates, Volkman noted they would be going forward, but remembering their high school years not by class periods and school days they spent at MdCV.

“We only arrived here four short years ago, and its already time for us to leave,” Volkman said. “I know that as I look out to all of you that I will measure my time much differently. I will measure it in the friendships that I have created with all of you and when many of our high school memories will begin to fade, that’s how we will ultimately measure the time we spent here. It won’t be in periods or semesters, but the friendships we made and the times that we all spent together. So congratulations to the class of 2019, and wherever we go and whatever we do, may we always be friends when we meet again.”

MdCV 2019 valedictorian Kathryn Vaught echoed Volkman’s appreciation of their parents’ sacrifices, and the impressions left upon students by teachers and school staff.

“[You] can’t be thanked enough,” Vaught said. “You had an impact in our lives and left lasting impressions … we learned many things from you guys – to be ourselves, be kind, follow our dreams, and not be afraid of failure.”

“Well guys, we made it,” Vaught told her fellow graduates. “It’s been one heck of journey – one we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.”

But, she said, “Today is a milestone, it tells you how far you have come, we aren’t the kids we used to be, even though we sure don’t feel like adults.”

She offered advice she had received from a mentor: “Keep playing the game.”

“There’s a feeling all of you should have – pride, accomplishment, happiness – whatever it is, take it and use it. Years from now when we look back we’ll be more disappointed by the things we didn’t do rather than the ones we did. So have that courage, find your dream, chase after it with all you got, you won’t get another chance. Go out there believing in your dreams, believe in yourself.”

With Principal Ben Gordon presenting the Marais des Cygnes Valley High School Class of 2019, board of education members presented diplomas to the following graduates: Nocona Renae Brinkley, Ethan Alexander Cannon, Kayla Louise Garber, Brookelyn Shae Janssen, Alaina Hollyann Marsh, Destiny Hope Massey, Gannon Austin Isiah Schimmel, Tannar Ray Smith, Aniyah Marie Sypher, Kathryn Elizabeth Vaught, Cloe Elizabeth Volkman, and Morgan Sue Williams.

USD 456 superintendent is Joe Sample; USD 456 Board of Education members are Greg McCurdy, president, Jamie Sowers, vice president, Joe Arb, Mark Lacey, Caleb McNally, Mike Ragan, and Beth Weimer.

Graduates were also recognized for awards, scholarships and honors they had received.

2019 McDV awards, scholarships, honors

  • Citizenship awards – Gannon Schimmel, Chloe Volkman
  • Dale Dennis Excellence in Education Award – Chloe Volkman
  • Governor’s Scholar – Kathryn Vaught
  • Kansas Scholar Curriculum Completer – Kathryn Vaught
  • Carol and Jessie Thurston Memorial – Kathryn Vauht
  • Woodward, Belt, Heilmann, Arb, American Legion and Auxiliary Scholarship – Chloe Volkman,
  • Wendell Allison Memorial Scholarship – Kathryn Vaught and Chloe Volkman
  • MdCV Booster Club – Kathryn Vaught, Chloe Volkman
  • Philip Spencer Memorial Scholarship, Osage County Fire District No. 3 – Alaina Marsh, Chole Volkman
  • R.E. French Family Educational Foundation – Kathryn Vaught, Chloe Volkman
  • Quenemo Pride Scholarship – Tannar Smith
  • Beloit Technical College Scholarship – Tannar Smith
  • Melvern Marais des Cygnes Alumni Association Scholarship – Nocona Brinkley, Alaina Marsh, Destiny Massey, Kathryn Vaught, Chloe Volkman
  • Lala Beth Weis Memorial Scholarship – Alaina Marsh
  • Hometown Agriculture Scholarship – Alaina Marsh
  • MdCV FFA Scholarship – Alaina Marsh, Kathryn Vaught, Chloe Volkman
  • Don Lichtenauer Family Scholarship – Chloe Volkman
  • Lawrence Lester McNabb Technical Scholarship – Chloe Volkman
  • Garard Family Scholarship – Chloe Volkman
  • Lawrence Lester McNabb Scholarship – Kathryn Vaught

Marais des Cygnes Valley High School Class of 2019. Photo by Kramer Photos.

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