Life changes abruptly for 2019 Burlingame High School graduates

In a final farewell to Burlingame High School, class of 2019 graduates throw their hats in the air. Photo by Keri Welch.

Life is the result of changes, the Burlingame High School class of 2019 heard from their valedictorian and salutatorian during graduation ceremonies on May 11, 2019.

In the elementary school gymnasium filled with friends and family, 2019 BHS salutatorian Seth Greenwood talked about his last-minute realization that graduation was going to change his life significantly.

“I realized that we are about to go into a whole new environment,” Greenwood said, “with new people, and stepping into another level of responsibility and stress.

“But I also realized the potentials of moving on. You get a whole new setting to change what you want to change,” he said. “You have countless opportunities that are begging for you to give them a shot.”

He offered a challenge to his classmates, “I challenge you to change the parts of you that you don’t like for this fresh start.I challenge you to take the leap of faith and pursue the opportunity that you feel strongly pulled towards.”

The 2019 BHS valedictorian Kelsie Quaney asked her classmates to consider how words alone can change them.

“It’s funny how words affect people,” Quaney said. “We never think that the things we say could completely change someone’s life but I know they can, because they changed me.”

She explained how she sat at a cousin’s graduation years ago, listening to a speech.

“As they started to talk my dad looked down at me and said, ‘That could be you someday,’” she said. “Because of that
sentence I wanted to work hard, I wanted to do good in school, so I could be the person up here now speaking to you all.”

She described a lesson learned in preschool, when her parents taught her to be respectful of others. “My life was changed again thanks to one of my parents.”

She noted she wasn’t the only one to have changed over the years, telling of time a teacher scolded the class for bullying each other.

“We have grown up a lot since then, we all have matured and become better people because of it,” Quaney said. She pointed out that changes have formed their lives.

“We are special,” she said. “Each one of us is special in our own way and we all accept each other, even with those differences. I know that everyone of us, no matter where we go, is going to do great things. We all have that potential.”

With introductions by BHS Senior Class President Keller Snesrud, and presentation of the class by BHS Principal Tammy Baird, USD 454 Board of Education President Kris Kline accepted the class for graduation.

Graduates in the BHS Class of 2019 included Izabell Lee Bayless, Grace Elizabeth Brooks, Chayton Dakota Burwell, Joseph Becker Cedarquist, Chloe Michele Crow, Kevin Dean Davidson, Montana Shane Giffin, Seth Evan Greenwood, Morgyn Nychole Heyne, Trevin Derek Lewis, Trae James Martin, Lucas Aaron Masters, Mason Alexander Mundy, Adam Jackie Percival, Kelsie Ann Quaney, Raven Pierce Rieck, Keller Davis Snesrud, Payton Ann Strohm.

Diplomas were presented by board of education members Kris Kline, Melissa Droege, Scott Greenwood, Pam Masters, Billie McClure, Brandi Shaffer, and Donna Young.

Senior class sponsors were Chandra Dunbar and Lydia Wieberg. Attendants were Brianna Casto, Bailey Creviston, Alex Brown, and Kade Kline.

BHS staff for the 2018-2019 school year included Allen Konicek, superintendent, Tammy Baird, principal, Brian Bartlett, Mary Anne McNeal, Brooke Bingham, Traci Middleton, Doug Bingham, Betty Patterson, Jeff Bowman, Grant Perkins, Josh Brabb, Barb Peterson, TJ Brake, Bonnie Reavis, Nick Brungardt, Haley Sergeant, Tamara Buche, Norma Short, Kent Crownover, Jeff Slater, Christi Droege, Shana Smith, Chandra Dunbar, Mindy Strohm, Jamy Dunbar, Megan Summers, Mitch Foote, Van Thurmond, Lisa Franzen, Keri Welch, Tommie Gonsalez, Alexia Wells, Mike Higgins, Eric West, Kevin Kramer, Shay West, Parker Lee, Katelyn Whitakcr, Kelly Lord-Vandruff, Linda White, Kaylyn Masters, Lydia Wieberg, Creighton Winters.

Class inspirational saying: “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” -Henry Ford

BHS Class of 2019, front from left, Morgyn Heyne, Izzy Bayless, Kelsie Quaney, Grace Brooks, Chloe Crow, Payton Strohm, middle, Seth Greenwood, Kevin Davidson, Lucas Masters, Raven Rieck, Adam Percival, back, Joe Cedarquist, Trea Martin, Keller Snesrud, Montana Giffin, Trevin Lewis, Mason Mundy, and Chayton Burwell. Photo by Keri Welch.

BHS Class of 2019 awards and scholarships

  • Chapter IQ PEO Scholarship – Kelsie Quaney.
  • Allen County College Scholarship – Joe Cedarquist and Kade Kline.
  • Chamber of Commerce Scholarship – Seth Greenwood.
  • USD 454 Endowment Association Scholarship – Kevin Davidson and Kelsie Quaney.
  • Godderz Washburn Endowment Association Scholarship – Grace Brooks.
  • Tonia Hunter Memorial Scholarship – Kelsie Quaney.
  • Burlingame Recreation Commission Scholarship – Kevin Davidson and Montana Giffin.
  • Kevin Masters Memorial Scholarship – Montana Giffin, Kelsie Quaney, Payton Strohm, Lucas Masters.
  • KSHSAA Citizenship Award – Kelsie Quaney and Seth Greenwood.
  • Jeff McFarlane Memorial Scholarship – Seth Greenwood.
  • Pepsi Scholarship – Kelsie Quaney and Kevin Davidson.
  • Bobbie Taylor Humanitarian Award – Chloe Crow.
  • Grandma Shirley Noonan Memorial – Payton Strohm.
  • Gary White Memorial Scholarship – Keller Snesrud.
  • Kansas Scholars – Seth Greenwood and Trevin Lewis.
  • Outstanding Scholarship – Kevin Davidson.
  • Dale Dennis Award – Kelsie Quaney.
  • Mildred H Dutton Award – Kelsie Quaney.

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