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Melvern Jr. Highline 4-H Club readies for Sunflower Days

By Bella Reeser, Club Reporter

On May 19, 2019, the Melvern Jr. Highline 4-H Club held their monthly meeting at Melvern Community Center. At 5:01 p.m., the meeting was called to order by Vice-President Braelyn McNally. The club began the meeting with The Pledge of Allegiance and 4-H Pledge led by Harper Melton.

Secretary Allie Reeser called roll; members and parents were to answer with their favorite summer food. There were 12 members and seven adults present. Allie then read the minutes from the last meeting; they were approved as read.

Treasurer Ellie Sowers read treasurer’s report; it was approved as read. Reporter Bella Reeser stated she submitted three articles last month.

In council report, George Alexander filled in for Justin Brinkley and reminded club members about adding or dropping projects, Favorites Foods Day, and judging. In leader’s report, leader Caleb McNally thanked members for all their hard work and participation in community activities last month. Lisa Reeser also reminded members of two more community service projects this week; serving at a local funeral memorial and hanging flags at the Melvern Cemetery in honor of Memorial Day.

In unfinished business, Caleb reminded club members that if they need more hog raffle tickets to see him.

In new business, Ellie Sowers moved for the club to purchase a bench or picnic table and donated it to Melvern City Park in honor of former club member Jill Casten-Downing; it was seconded.

Also in new business, Caleb and Lisa reminded members the Melvern Fair is quickly approaching. It was moved and seconded for the club to have a walking float for the Melvern parade, a homemade ice cream social on Saturday night, and a hog fundraiser table on Friday and Saturday nights of the Melvern Fair. It was also moved and seconded for the club to create a cookie jar to exhibit for the fairs.

For the program, Allie Reeser presented a demonstration titled, “Life is Butter”. In songs, Gradey McNally led the club in singing “School’s Out for the Summer”. Before adjourning, Braelyn reminded members the next meeting will be 5 p.m. Sunday, June 9, at the Melvern Community Center. Amelia Arb moved to adjourn the meeting at 5:54 p.m.; it was seconded.

Allie Reeser, standing, presents a demonstration, “Life is Butter”. Courtesy photo.

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