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Association announces Osage County Fair results, July 10-13, 2019, Osage City

A late garden season this year created a challenge for local gardeners to have produce to exhibit at this year’s Osage County Fair. Photo by Toby and Lisa Crettol.

The Osage County Fair Association has released the 4-H and open class exhibition results for the Osage County Fair held July 10-13, 2019, at Osage City, Kan. Award and ribbon winners were:

4-H Ag Mechanics

Ethan Kneisler, GC; Kieren Shultz, B; Isaac Shultz, B; Solomon Shultz, B; Lily Shultz, B.

4-H Cat Show

Wylie Young, GC; Lynnea Nelson, RGC, P; Jocie White, P, B.

4-H Clothing Constructed

Chloe Cannon, GC; Allie Kneisler, P, B; Ellie Sowers, B; Ryanne McNellis, B, R; Allie Reeser, R; Amelia Arb, RGC; Bella Reeser, B; Carleigh Bean, B; Dahlia Goodwin(R; Jerra Butterfield, B; Kiera McNellis, B, R; Savannah Davis, B.

4-H Clothing Purchased

Lily Shultz, GC, 2P; Isaac chultz, RGC, P; Allie Kneisler, P; Jerra Butterfield, P; Kieren Schultz, 3P; Addyson Easter, P, B; Braelyn McNally, P; Bella Reeser, B; Chloe Cannon, B; Solomon Shultz, 2P; Gage Kilgore, B.

4-H Dog Show

Lynnea Nelson, P, W.

4-H Domestic Arts

Isaac Shultz, GC, P, B; Bella Reeser, RGC; Allison Reeser, 2B; Liam Vandruff, 2B; Navy Vandruff, R; Lynnea Nelson, B; Joyce Hutchcraft, R; Jaxson Dorr, B, R; Chloe Cannon, P, 2B; Allie Kneisler, P, 2B; Ethan Kneisler, P, B; Braelyn McNally, 2B; Grady McNally, B; Solomon Shultz, 2P, B;Lily Shultz, 2P, B; Kieren Shultz, P, 2B; Cole Thompson, P, B; Gage Kilgore, 2B; Garrett Shoup, P, B; Leanne Shoup, B; Jerra Butterfield, P, 2B; Kendall Young, P, B; Morgan Young, B; Natalie Green, 2P, B; Trever Quaney, 2P; Kelsie Quaney, P, 2B; Ryanna McNellis, P, 2B; Kiera McNellis, 2B; Shelby Harris, B; Cainan Goodwin, B; Dahlia Goodwin, R; Jenna Hamilton, P, B; Addyson Easter, P; Avery Thielen, B; Jaiton Bosse, 2P, B.

Osage County’s blue, red and white ribbon canned goods displayed at the Osage County Fair. Photo by Toby and Lisa Crettol.

4-H Electrical

Ethan Kneisler, GC.

4-H Entomology

Kevin Whitmer, GC.

4-H Floriculture

Kiera McNellis, GC, 3B; Lily Shultz, RGC, 3B, 4R; RyAnne McNellis, B, 3R; Kevin Whitmer, P, 5B, 4R; Isaac chultz, B, R; Kieren Shultz, B, R; Solomon Shultz, B, 2R; Royce Cowan, 2B.

4-H Food and Nutrition 

Cole Thompson, GC; Shelby Harris, RGC, P; Kinsey Vande Velde, B; Jerry Sand, P; Bella Reeser, P; Grady McNally, P; Charleigh Bean, P; Garrett Shoup, P; Kimberly Knauber, B; Gage Kilgore, P; Amelia Arb, B; Graci Williams, B; Cainan Goodwin, B; Lynnea Nelson, B, R; Kiera McNellis, R; Addyson Easter, P, B, R; Gracey Smith, B; Mariah Smitha, 2B; Jaxson Dorr, 2B; Jocie White, P; Lauren Vande Velde, P; Peyton Lanoue, 2B; John Sand, P; Brody Thompson, B; Ellie Sowers, B; Grady Fredrickson, P; Braelyn McNally, 2B; Allie Reeser, P; Makenzie Smitha, P, B; Chloe Cannon, 2P; Leanne Shoup, P; Kendall Young, P; Morgan Young, 2P; Kevin Whitmer, P, 2B; Kelsie Quaney, B; Josie Thompson, B, R; Danielle Kerns, B; Allie Kneisler, P; North Osage, P; Willing Workers, P.

4-H Heritage Fiber Arts

Allie Kneisler, GC, B; Lily Shultz, RGC, 2B; Lauren VandeVelde, B; Kiera Shultz, B, Special Award; Ryanne McNellis, B.

4-H Horticulture

Kevin Whitmer, GC, P, 2B, 2R; Ethan Kneisler, RGC, 2B; Navy Vandruff, R; Liam Vandruff, B.

4-H Miscellaneous

Lynnea Nelson, GC; Trista Anderson, RGC; Lena Stucky, B; Bella Reeser, P; Allie Reeser, B; John Sand, P; Ethan Kneisler, P; Lily Shultz, B.

4-H Shooting Sports

Allie Reeser, B; Bella Reeser, R.

4-H Space Tech – Rocketry

Lena Stucky, B; Jerry Sand, R.

4-H Pet Show

Wylie Young, GC.

Local photographers share their visions at the Osage County Fair photo exhibition. Photo by Toby and Lisa Crettol.

4-H Photography

Kieren Shultz, GC, P; Lily Shultz, RGC, B; Lauren Vande Velde, 2B; Peyton Lanoue, B, R; Alexis Barrett, B; Lynnea Nelson, B; Nadia Williams, 2B; Bella Reeser, 2B; Avery Thielan, 2B; Mariah Smitha, 2P; Makenzie Smitha, P, B; Leanne Shoup, B; Garrett Shoup, B, R; Harper Melton, 2P; Natalie Green, P; Chelsea Green, P; Shelby Harris, B, R; Graci Williams, 2B; Solomon Shultz, P, B; Ethan Kneisler, P, B; Jenna Hamilton, B; Allie Kniesler, P, B; Addyson Easter, P, B; Kiera McNellis, P, B; Ryanne McNellis, P, B; Allie Resser, B, R; Jaxson Dorr, B, R; Tara Green, P; Isaac Shultz, 2P; Lynnea Nelson, B.

4-H Woodworking

Ethan Kneisler, GC; Savannah Davis, RGC; Allie Kneisler, P; Cainan Goodwin, R; Garrett Shoup, B; Brynna Peterson, R.

4-H Wildlife

Allie Kneisler, GC; Gage Kilgore, RGC.

4-H awards key: GC-Grand Champion, RGC-Reserve Grand Champion, P-Purple, B-Blue, R-Red, and W-White.

Girl Scouts of America

Ryanna McNellis, R, W; Kiera McNellis, B.

Open Domestic Arts

Catherine Kane, 9B, 4R; Helen Ramsey, 7B, 4R, 2W; Devin Ramsey, 2R, W , Amanda Johnson, R; Lily Shultz, 2B, W; Isaac Shultz, B, R; Kieren Shultz, 2B, 2R; Solomon Shultz, 2B, W; Malonne Davies, B; Kelly Lord-Vandruff, B; Shirley Swogger, W; Josie Thompson, B; Carolina White, 3B, R; Jerra Butterfield, B; Gage Cannon, B.

Open Domestic Science 

Helen Ramsey, 8B, 5R, 2W; Pam Whitmer, R, W; Cathrine Kane, 3B, 4R; Hadley Bosse, B; Lena Stucky 2(B; Kevin Whitmer, 3B; Karly Richmond, R , Gage Cannon, R; Karley Lowery, B.

Open Horticulture and Crops

Kevin Whitmer, B, R; Donna Marie Anderson, B, R, W; Delbart Ramsy, B.

Natural beauty is the highlight of the plants and flowers exhibit. Photo by Toby and Lisa Crettol.

Open Plants and Flowers

Donna Marie Anderson, 10B, 6R, W; Marjorie Vaughn, B; Lou Estes, B, R; Kevin Whitmer, 3B, 2R; Cliff Butterfield, B, R; Donna Butterfield, W; Kelly Lord-Vandruff, B; Marty Young, B; Jerra Butterfield, B; Karly Richmond, R.

Open Pet Show

Mya Montgomery, B; Hailey Montgomery, B.

Open Photography

Lily Shultz, 3B, 2R; Isaac Shultz, B, 3R, W; Solomon Shultz, B, R, G; Kieren Shultz, B; Cathy Lieber, 4B, 2W; Ava Palacio, B, W, G; Avery Thielan, R; Shelby Harris, G.

Open Recycling 

Isaac Shultz, B; Marjorie Vaughn, R; Catherine Kane, W.

Open class awards: Blue, first place; red, second place; white, third place; green, participation. 

Fair results thanks to Kara Thompson and Lexie Fager. Photos thanks to Toby and Lisa Crettol.

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