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Meet a local 4-Her: Bella Reeser, connoisseur of eclectic styles

My name is Bella Reeser, and I’m a member of the Melvern Jr. Highline 4-H Club. This is my second year in 4-H and my second year in clothing buymanship.

Clothing buymanship is a project that I absolutely love!  The objective of this project is to pick out an outfit and accessories for the lowest price, while at the same time finding multiple uses for it.

My outfit this year is one I love! It was initially purchased for my dance recital-jazz class, but I have found so many other uses for this beautiful dress.  I’m an eccentric dresser, so I plan on wearing this on Sundays to church, and I’m going to use it for my Halloween costume this fall when I dress up as a 50s girl.

We bought the dress, gloves, and bow from my dance instructor for $65, and I had the shoes already at home; so I was able to put together this whole outfit, including accessories for only $65. My family is so impressed with all the different uses I have planned for my outfit, and I’m so excited about the fairs to be over, so I can start wearing my new dress!!

I took this project to all three Osage County fairs and received a purple at the Melvern fair, and a blue at the Osage City and Overbrook fairs. I also modeled it for the Osage County Style Revue and received a blue there as well.  I am so excited to begin shopping for my outfit for next year!

Celebrating National 4-H Week, Oct. 6-12, 2019

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