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Meet a local 4-Her: Wylie Young, animal lover, good citizen

Wylie Young with his grand champion cat Super Mario.

My name is Wylie Young and I am 13 years old. I just finished my seventh year in the North Osage 4-H Club. I participated in leadership, pets, and poultry.

This was my second year in the leadership project. I had several new project experiences this year. I attended a flag retiring ceremony at the Franklin County fairgrounds in November. I learned how to properly dispose of a United States Flag. The ceremony was very inspirational.

In June, I attended the Shawnee County Sherriff’s Youth Academy. I spent five days learning about law enforcement, fire and rescue, and why we need it. The best part was the K-9 Unit demonstration.

This was my first year going to a 4-H camp for older kids. I attended the 4-H Leadership Camp at Rock Springs. I enjoy going to Rock Springs every year. I like swimming in the big pool. In July, I completed a hunter safety course. One of my instructors, Kyle Maichel, was very nice and made me feel less nervous about being in a large group. I attended class four nights and they were three hours long. My favorite part was the presentation by the game warden.

I’ve learned a lot about feral cats and the TNR Program (trap, neuter, and release). It helps towns get the feral cat population under control in a humane way. My mom let me adopt a feral kitten last year that was born in Scranton. My friend, Amy Miner, was taking care of him. I named him Super Mario, but his nickname is “Pizza Cat”. He was pretty sick the first few weeks, but you’d never know it now. He has grown up so much and loves to play with our other cats and chase my rabbit, Shottie. I took Super Mario to the Osage City Fair. He won grand champion at the cat show. I also did the animal costume contest and won first place in my division. Super Mario was a good sport about wearing overalls and riding in a wagon. I showed my dog, Pepper, in the pet show. She looked cute wearing a blue bandana.

I took my duck, Fred, to the Osage City and Overbrook fairs this year. I gave him a bath and cleaned his beak before the poultry shows. Fred won a trophy at Osage City and a blue ribbon at Overbrook. Fred is getting older and it’s time for him to retire. He is happy being in the backyard with the rabbit and our cats.

I plan to enroll in leadership and pets again next year. I want to work on my leadership and citizenship skills and keep learning about feral cats. Also, I highly recommend the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Youth Academy, it was awesome!

Celebrating National 4-H Week, Oct. 6-12, 2019

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