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“What Happens if You Ride Astride? It’s a Calamity!” A two-part play at the library

It’s 1894 and even in progressive Kansas a woman speaking in public is a dancing bear, a woman wearing pants is a man, and a woman wearing pants and riding astride on horseback is lord of all creation. “Ride into History” brings to Osage City Public Library one human dancing bear and one lord who although a woman is certainly no lady.

The Marshall Club and Osage City Public Library invite all to “What Happens if you ride Astride? It’s a Calamity” a two-act play presented by Ann Birney and Joyce Thierer from Ride into History, 6:30-8 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020, at the library.

The historical reenactors will portray teacher-turned-suffragist Elizabeth Hampstead, who will do anything to get the right to vote, including riding across the prairie on a side saddle and becoming a spectacle for men who welcome entertainment, and Calamity Jane, who disappears for whole years at a time when she disguises herself as a man to earn a man’s wages.

Women in the U.S. did not get the right to vote until 1919, one hundred years ago. Ann Birney began her portrayal of composite character Hampstead by reading suffragists’ letters at the Kansas Historical Society archives.

Joyce  Thierer’s Calamity is a delightful frontierswoman who has spun a good many yarns about her life, and does not mind letting her audience know how she has helped create her own myth.

Ride into History calls what they do, “sneaky history” – engaging people with the past through drama.

For more information, contact the Osage City Public Library at 785-528-3727, or stop by 515 Main St., Osage City.

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