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A Cowboy’s Faith: Earthly life is mortal

A Cowboy's Faith: Click to read more from Frank J. Buchman.“I’m planning to live forever.”

The neighbor dairyman made that statement years ago when helping with a project getting ready for the annual field day.

That’s a positive outlook giving incentive to get up get going live another day make another accomplishment.

Yes, there are said to be many ways to live longer, improve life through exercise, diet, faith, positive thinking.

Yet everyone is completely mortal, although many try hard to deny it. The old saying “Nobody ever gets out of this world alive” is true.

No matter how well one feels, how everything looks perfect, how much money is in the bank. Even if the best horse in the world is in the barn, death is going to come.

Every day the paper has an obituary, often several, of sudden deaths of frequently healthy young people dying without warning.

Then sometimes there are wake up calls. Life takes many directions working to succeed, survive, accomplish more. It becomes unrealized stress, which can take its toll in many forms. That might be mental or physical or a combination of those and others.

When the dire notice comes there is no forewarning. Fine line between life and death, just a hair of a second from one to the next.

No recalling the actual circumstances whatsoever other than the stories that have been related since the occurrence. Evidently emergency crews were most efficient arriving and caring for the unconscious, making sure additional essential healthcare was provided.

Literally dozens of health professionals with the utmost modern technological services worked diligently together for continued life. There may have been telltale warnings, but they were not understood or perhaps ignored.

While future is optimistic, rules will pertain, no driving the car, nor riding the horse either for six months. Yet, there is opportunity to keep the job, serve others, help in many ways not imagined.

Horrendous dreams, hallucinations, seemingly uncontrollable scary thoughts have been an aftermath. They all point out the fact everybody knows but often snubs. Without exception there is end to physical life on earth.

Live every second as if it might be the last, confident of the spiritual hereafter.

Reminded of John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

030615-franksmug2Frank J. Buchman is a lifelong rancher from Alta Vista, a lifetime newspaper writer, syndicated national ag writer and a radio marketing consultant. He writes a weekly column to share A Cowboy’s Faith.

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