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Grant provides upgrades to RCIL’s Braille services

OSAGE CITY, Kan. – The Resource Center for Independent Living, Inc. (RCIL) recently received a grant from the Topeka Community Foundation’s Greater Topeka Fund for the purchase of a new Braille embosser and updated software.  The embosser translates text into Braille and embosses graphics for individuals who read using Braille.

Mike Goupil, RCIL, demonstrates the new Braille translation embosser. Courtesy photo.

RCIL has provided Braille translation services for local individuals, churches, organizations and businesses for several years.  The new embosser replaces an aged machine that was no longer working properly and was too expensive to repair.

Mike Goupil, RCIL staff person charged with providing the Braille translation service, has set up the new embosser and said, “Wow! The new embosser is fast and produces a high quality translation.”

RCIL translates items such as church bulletins, bus routes, restaurant menus, meeting materials and other items.

People interested in the Braille translation service may contact Goupil directly by calling 785-267-1717 or by email to

RCIL provides the service from its office in Topeka, which is located at 1507 SW 21st St., Suite 203.

“Making communities accessible to all is a critical component of our work,” said Deone Wilson, RCIL executive director. “Providing documents in Braille is just one of the ways we do that.”

RCIL performs other accessibility work such as medical office surveys, voter registration site access studies, ADA compliance checks for public buildings and areas and private businesses, plus individual and systems advocacy services. 

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