Osage City 2020 seniors honored in virtual awards ceremony

The following awards were presented to Osage City High School seniors during a virtual awards ceremony on Wednesday, May 6, 2020.

  • American Legion Post 198 Scholarship – Leslie Hultgren
  • American Legion Post 198 Honor Awards – Runner up, Leslie Hultgren; runner up, Dylan Shaffer; award winner, Kenna Butterfield; award winner, Ryan Lauber
  • Osage City High School Alumni Association Scholarship – Kenna Butterfield, Olivia Camarena, Jade Potter, Jordan Sage, Britney Wilkins
  • Conrad Carlson Memorial Scholarship – Taylor Lamb, Walker Stromgren
  • Chapter IQ PEO Scholarship – recipient not yet named
  • Sorosis Club Scholarship – Kenna Butterfield
  • Osage City Kiwanis Club Scholarship – Kenna Butterfield, Taylor Lamb
  • Osage City Kiwanis Club Richard Dick Lindbloom Memorial Scholarship – Britney Wilkins
  • Osage City Booster Club Scholarship – Kenna Butterfield, Jade Potter
  • Lions Club Scholarship – Leslie Hultgren
  • R.E. French Family Educational Foundation Scholarship – Kate Heiserman, Elizabeth Lowery, Dylan Shaffer
  • Osage City Chamber of Commerce Scholarship – Kate Heiserman, Dylan Shaffer
  • Osage City High School Spanish Club Scholarship – Kate Heiserman
  • Osage City Band Boosters Scholarship – Jade Potter
  • Rudd Foundation Scholarship – Blake Murphy
  • International Thespian Society Members: Olivia Camarena, Adam Delekta, Elizabeth Lowery, Jade Potter
  • National Honor Society Members: Kenna Butterfield, Olivia Camarena, Kate Heiserman, Leslie Hultgren, Daylia Kautzman, Ryan Lauber, Elizabeth Lowery, Tyler Medlen, Blake Murphy, Jade Potter, Jordan Sage, Dylan Shaffer, Tayler Wessel, Britney Wilkins
  • Technical College Students: Devon Lincoln, Power Plant Technology, Flint Hills Technical College; Britton Hamman and Ostin Howland, Diesel Technology, Matthew Barranco, Tyler Medlen, Caden Reed, and Sam Wamser, Welding, Washburn Tech
  • Kansas Scholars Curriculum Completers: Kenna Butterfield, Carleigh Gardner, Kate Heiserman, Lucy Martin, Elizabeth Lowery, Blake Murph, Britney Wilkins, Dylan Shaffer, Ryan Lauber
  • Community Service Awards: Kenna Butterfield, Kate Heiserman, Lucy Martin, Dylan Shaffer, Jade Potter, Britney Wilkins, Dawson Butter, Olivia Camarena, Elizabeth Lowery, Skyler Karns, Taylor Lamb, Devon Lincoln, Walker Stromgren
  • Citizenship Awards: Olivia Camarena, Ryan Lauber
  • Honor Student Awards: Cum Laude – Dylan Shaffer, Britney Wilkins; Magna Cum Laude – Kate Heiserman; Summa Cum Laude – Kenna Butterfield, Ryan Lauber, Elizabeth Lowery, and Blake Murphy

Information thanks to Osage City High School Counselor Kathy Camarena.

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