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Consumer alert: Foiled phone scam shows need for guarding insurance information

TOPEKA-Potential insurance scam artists in the Kansas City area picked the wrong people to call.

The Kansas Insurance Department heard recently from a pair of Kansas insurance agents who each received telephone solicitations for auto insurance. The agents became suspicious when the caller said he worked for the insurance company that the licensed agents work for. The caller also wanted information from the agents’ driver’s licenses, which was another red flag for the pair of insurance professionals.

“We received follow-up complaints from other Kansans who received the same type of calls,” said Sandy Praeger, Kansas Commissioner of Insurance. “Fortunately, those who informed us of the potential scam were following the ‘Stop. Call. Confirm.’ motto we always tell insurance consumers about. If you think something is fishy, stop the conversation, call our department, and confirm that the person on the phone is a registered Kansas insurance agent.”

The insurance department’s toll-free consumer assistance hotline is 800-432-2484.

The department’s anti-fraud division is investigating. The caller also told one licensed agent that he represented several named insurance companies; however, those companies employ their own agents and do not work through an independent agency.

“It’s really important to protect your personal information, whether it’s over the phone, in person or on the Internet,” Praeger said. “The more times our consumers are cautious, the fewer times the scammers succeed.”

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