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County zoning commission to hear asphalt plant request Tuesday

Tuesday evening at 7 p.m., the Osage County Planning and Zoning Commission will review an application from Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc. for a conditional use permit to install an asphalt plant at the Mid States Materials LLC Plummer Creek Quarry.

The company made the same request to the Osage County Commissioners July 1, when a group of residents who live near the quarry told the commissioners they were opposed to the asphalt plant. At that meeting, company representatives were advised they should file an application for a conditional use permit, which was due that day if to be included on the agenda of this week’s zoning commission meeting.

Eric Bettis and Cole Andersen told commissioners the company had been awarded three upcoming KDOT projects in Osage County and wished to install the portable asphalt plant at the quarry located at 18486 S. Berryton Rd., Scranton.

Several residents who live along 189th Street and east of U.S. Highway 75 were at the July 1 commission meeting and complained of continuing problems with the quarrying and trucking operations, including truckers speeding and using “Jake” brakes, uncontrolled dust, and operations outside of permitted hours. Commissioners advised the residents the application would be first heard  by the planning and zoning commission, and they should state their concerns to the zoning commission.

Since the July 1 meeting, Bettis Asphalt filed an application for a conditional use permit. Included in Tuesday’s zoning meeting information packet is a letter from Andersen to the Osage County Commissioners, in which he asks to revisit some of the discussion had at the July 1 meeting.

In the letter, Andersen notes Bettis Asphalt is not the same company as Mid-States Materials LLC, and residents’ complaints were directed toward Mid-States Materials.

“This is a separate issue from BACI’s asphalt plant application,” Andersen wrote.

Andersen also said Bettis Asphalt wanted to address neighbor concerns “from a proactive stance,” and noted the company had already begun working with the county’s road and bridge department to “address all neighbor concerns regarding road condition and dust control.”

The letter also noted the company would address hours of service concerns cooperatively with Mid-States Materials, but advised that property owners should take into consideration that another quarrying operation also frequently uses area roads.

Andersen also made a request to commissioners to allow the last load of asphalt taken from the plant at 6 p.m. and that trucks be allowed to park at the quarry overnight. The company said the asphalt plant would be used from August 2013 to July 2014.

Projects awarded to Bettis Asphalt in Osage County include milling and overlay of U.S. 75, from Osage and Coffey county line north to one mile north of the south junction U.S. 75/K‑31; U.S. 75 from the beginning of the four-lane highway north to Osage and Shawnee county line; and a project on K-268 near Vassar.

Also during Tuesday’s meeting, zoning commissioners will hear a request from Garrett’s Fireworks and Sunflower Storage for a revision of their current conditional use permit to allow storage of more trailers of fireworks for distribution across the United States. The storage facility is located north of Lyndon at 24133 U.S. 75 Hwy.

Planning and zoning meetings are usually held in the commissioners’ meeting room on the second floor of the Osage County Courthouse.

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